The most unusual and unique rentals on Airbnb to add to your wish list

Airbnb has changed the way I travel. Why do I love staying on Airbnb?


Well, not only because of possibility to meet a genuine local host, or getting the whole apartment for a price of a hotel room, but also because I can stay at truly unique and unusual places that would not be available as accommodation otherwise.


Here is a listing of some insane and incredible Airbnb rentals to add to your wish list!

1 | Dog-shaped House @ Cottonwood, US

Dog-shaped house
Dog-themed room in a Dog House

What is it like to stay inside of a giant dog? Find out about it if you happen to travel around the US. This pretty quirky house shaped as a dog is available for you in Cottonwood, in the rural area of Idaho. 

Price per night: $98


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2 | Airplane Apartment @ Loire Atlantique, France

Airplane apartment in France
Bedroom in the airplane house on airbnb
Toilet in the pilot cabin
a chill-out area near the airplane house

Sleeping on the plane can be a tiring and exhausting experience... but not on the plane in Saint Michel Chef Chef, Loire Atlantique, in France! There will be no turbulence or spilled drinks :) However, there will be a comfortable bed, a waterslide, a pool and a pilot cabin converted into a toilet. Cabin crew, prepare for take off to the unusual holidays!

Price per night: $103. All details here.



3| 'Boris', The Military Pod @ Kylerhea, Scotland

Unusual airbnb rental - military pod
Military accomodation airbnb and jeep tour in the nature

'Boris' is a military radio repair unit that was converted into a sleeping accommodation on the Isle of Skye. This trailer is parked in the area with wildlife and beautiful nature, and in addition, the hosts offer tours in the vintage WWII Jeep.

Price per night: $80


4 | Shipping Container @ Palma de Mallorka, Spain

unusual house - shipping container
Glass walls in the shipping container - unusual airbnb
Shipping container with pool - unusual airbnb house

This amazing house is constructed of shipping container modules! There is a little pool and a barbecue for romantic dinners. You can stay at this original design house full of light for $162 a night. The house can accommodate 3 people. More info here.



5 | Tree House @ Cornwall, UK

Tree house - unusual airbnb rental
Bedroom in a tree house

I guess many of us, when we were kids, constructed little houses made of cardboard on the trees in the yard... Staying in such an unusual house now will bring back memories and dreams from childhood. Moreover, it can be an out-of-ordinary place for a romantic time with your beloved one. The beautiful beach of Porthallow is just ten minute walk  from the house.


A Tree house Poem:
"A tree house, a free house,
A secret you and me house,
A high up in the leafy branches
Cozy as can be house.

A street house, a neat house,
Be sure and wipe your feet house
Is not my kind of house at all-
Let's go live in a tree house."

Shel Silverstein

Price per night: $134; details here.



6 | Cube House @ Rotterdam, Netherlands

Cube house in Rotterdam
Unusual windows and room in the cube house
unusual windows in the cube house

Change your perception of space by staying in this unusual cube house. You will be surprised to discover that there are no straight angles in this house! Be mentally prepared that holidays in this surreal place may boost your creativity :)  Price per night: $157. The house can accommodate 4 people. Find more about the place here.


7 | Private Island @ Hvaler, Norway

Private island for rent in Norway
Unusual accommodation on airbnb in Norway
airbnb island in Norway

And what about renting the entire island in Norway? Well, you can do it! It is yours for $128 a night. What is included in the price? Your own island. Your own boat. Your own cabin. Your own kingdom :)  Check the details here.



8 | Cozy Cocoon @ Fondettes, France

Sleeping in the cocon
Cocoon on the trees
Bed inside of the cocoon

Are you looking for something that will blow your mind? You've just found it! Feel invited to sleep in a cocoon like a butterfly, well, a butterfly before it becomes the butterfly :) This unique accommodation is located in Fondettes, France. Price per night: $139. Check out this page for more info.


9 | 200 Year Old Church @ Galway, Ireland

Stay in the church on airbnb
Restored church now can host people
Original airbnb rental in Ireland

Find peace and comfort at the restored 200 year old church in Galway, Ireland. Stone walls, large gothic windows, bell tower converted into a room, unique nature around and a spiritual feel make this place a truly unusual accommodation. Price per night: $115. All the details can be found here.



10 | Mongolian Yurt @ Dresden, Germany

Inside of the Mongolian yurt in Dresden, Germany
Unusual airbnb rental in Germany
Original airbnb in Germany
Unusual airbnb in Germany - Mongolian yurt

Waaaaw, this looks like a fairytale place! And where is that? In Germany!! This authentic Mongolian yurt is located just 5 km from the city center of Dresden. Situated in a quiet area with beautiful views of forest, it can be a true (and quick) escape from the noise of the city. Experience the magic of the yurt and its exotic ambiance with wood oven, ornate furniture, and Mongolian music. Price per night: $53. More details here.


It's the end :) Thanks for reading!


I hope this list gave you a little inspiration for unusual places to stay on your next trip!


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