21 Santorini Alternatives: Quiet Greek Islands

Quiet Greek islands

Are you curious which are the best Non-Touristy Greek Islands to Visit? 


Greece has a staggering 227 islands within its boarders, and while you may have heard of huge tourist-driven islands like Santorini, Mykonos, and Corfu, here are 21 islands that you may not have heard of before. Of course, Santorini is a beautiful island, but it is too hyped and too crowded with tourists. When you're there, you feel like you're not on an island, but on a bustling avenue in a big city, and you have to stand in a long line to get your picture taken against a beautiful view.


It's important to recognize that overtourism has negative consequences that extend beyond just the visitors themselves. The popular Greek islands, which attract a lot of tourists, are particularly vulnerable to this issue. The environment suffers as a result, and locals find themselves facing excessive increases in home prices. To combat overtourism, the Greek National Tourism Organization is urging tourists to explore other destinations beyond the well-known islands like Santorini. This can help ensure that local communities are not negatively impacted by an influx of visitors.


Throughout this list, we’ll share why these non-touristy islands are great Santorini alternatives and worth visiting, where its located in Greece, if there is an airport on the island, and how long it takes to get to by ferry from Athens (Pireus Port). 


Stop following the crowd and mass tourism, discover less touristy places. 


And remember, less touristy places don't mean less beautiful or less interesting. In fact, it is on these lesser-known Greek islands that real adventure and mind-blowing nature await you.


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5 Astonishing Greece Travel Guides That You Must Read Before Your Trip

The best Greece travel guides

Greece is one of the most liked tourism destinations in Europe, and millions of tourists from around the world come to Greece for a perfect holiday in summer. When it is a huge and diverse country like Greece, it is crucial to learn before your trip about its historical background, top holiday destinations with the best beaches, attractions, and culture. 


Learning these details from the internet could be hefty and might take some time, and you can never be sure if it’s up to date or not. Having a Greece travel book with you that provides you with the most important 

information about the best parts of Greece is something that you might need. 


In this article, I will review the five best Greece travel guides that will help you to prepare well for your trip and make it a meaningful and authentic experience.

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Nea Makri & Marathon Beaches Near Athens

Nea Makri and Marathon beaches near Athens : perfect holidays

My recipe for the perfect holidays in Athens is the city plus the sea. I walked around Athens far and wide, touched the iconic ruins of the Greek civilization, saw firsthand where greeks made sacrifices and prayed to the Greek gods. After all these experiences in 30-degree heat, I wanted only one thing: THE SEA!


A Greek friend of mine from Athens dissuaded from swimming on the Athenian beaches, the so-called Athenian Riviera, believing that they are dirty because of the Athenian port located close to it. Instead of the Athenian Riviera, he advised the Marathon and Nea Makri area. And I went there. 


Did I do the right thing to listen to my Greek friend? A spoiler: yes. In this blog post: where to go to the sea close to Athens, and is it realistic to find blue flag beaches near Athens? What to visit in Nea Makri and Marathon and are these beaches suitable for kids? 



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