Nea Makri and Marathon beaches near Athens : perfect holidays

My recipe for the perfect holidays in Athens is the city plus the sea. I walked around Athens far and wide, touched the iconic ruins of the Greek civilization, saw firsthand where greeks made sacrifices and prayed to the Greek gods. After all these experiences in 30-degree heat, I wanted only one thing: THE SEA!


A Greek friend of mine from Athens dissuaded from swimming on the Athenian beaches, the so-called Athenian Riviera, believing that they are dirty because of the Athenian port located close to it. Instead of the Athenian Riviera, he advised the Marathon and Nea Makri area. And I went there. 


Did I do the right thing to listen to my Greek friend? A spoiler: yes. In this blog post: where to go to the sea close to Athens, and is it realistic to find blue flag beaches near Athens? What to visit in Nea Makri and Marathon and are these beaches suitable for kids? 



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