Amalfi Positano Travel Guide - The Everygirl's Guide to Positano

Amalfi Positano travel guide

Traveling to Positano Italy? Then you'll need this Positano travel guide to plan your next trip. We all know the scene. 

The endless horizon, the subtle rainbow of pastel buildings set into a dramatic mountainside, the cotton candy sunsets, the romance of it all. This image has dominated screen savers and travel blog headers for years. 

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most postcard-worthy vistas in Italy, and at its heart is Positano: a town atop many travelers' bucket lists. Probably everyone wants at least once in his life to visit Positano Italy. 


But let's be clear. 


In Positano, you pay to play. 


Replete with jet-setting influencers, heiresses and ultra-wealthy businesspeople, it is hard for the everygirl to keep her head above water, financially speaking, when visiting the city. 

My friends and I, we love a challenge. 


So we traveled to Positano with our sights on a budget-friendly, world-class experience.  I'm here to share that experience with you in this Positano travel blog. 





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Como City Guide: Unique Things To Do & Useful Tips

Como City - view from above

Lake Como has attracted travelers for millennia, but many refer to Como city as just a transit point between Milan and the lake. In fact, the charming town of Como is arguably the best town on Lake Como. It hides many attractions and is well worth a few days' visit. I enjoyed Como city's atmosphere and fell in love with its beautiful nature and city life harmony. It is the place to learn the art of dolce vita, enjoying the moment, and not rushing anywhere.


This blog post is Como city guide, and it covers specifically things to do in Como town. If you want to find inspiration for things to do in Lake Como, read my dedicated blog post Lake Como Travel Guide.

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Sardinia in September and October

Sardinia is called "the island of a hundred colors and a hundred scents." This island has white and golden sand beaches, a clear turquoise sea, pink flamingos, a carpet of colorful wildflowers, olive groves, citrus orchards, and an abundance of colorful fruits.


September and October are perfect times of the year to see the island in all its glory. I spent two weeks in Sardinia: the last week of September and the first week of October. In this article, I will share what to expect from your holiday in Sardinia in autumn.

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Lake Como Travel Guide

Those who say that Lake Como is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world are not exaggerating. I have been to many places in Italy, but I felt pure delight and awe for the perfect nature on Lake Como. 


However, the man also worked hard in this corner of the world and built villas and elegant colorful houses that harmoniously fit into this magical place. World stars, celebrities, and millionaires buy estates at Lake Como, and the directors choose to shoot movies here for a reason. 


What I like most about this lake: it is very diverse. Wherever you turn your head, you will see fascinating views that force you to grab the camera to take them away with you. And once you go a few kilometers by boat, the landscape changes completely.


In this travel guide to Lake Como, you will find answers to questions: When is the best time to go to Lake Como? How to get to Lake Como from Milan? What is the best area to stay? What to see and do in Lake Como? And a lot of other useful information. Here's everything you need to plan your perfect trip to Lake Como!

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