What is The Alternative Travel Guide?


Come on a journey with the Alternative Travel Guide and you will find inspiration and information about:


- Alternative traveling

Alternative ways of traveling, volunteering abroad, sharing economy and collaborative consumption for traveling, digital nomadism, know-how from life-time travelers, experiential traveling, eco-tourism, slow traveling, responsible travel, and everything in between. 

- Alternative things to do and off the beaten path places to visit

"Different" urban attractions beyond  the tourist brochure in cool cities around the world.  

- Unusual and unique accommodation

Reviews of concept and unusual unique hotels, hostels, Airbnb rentals, and as well as  alternative home stay and co-living programs. Forget about boring chain hotels that all look the same and stay in truly unique places. 

- Concept and unusual cafes, bars and restaurants

Places with the idea and with a story. 

- Alternative and unusual tours and activities

Less crowded, less known, authentic tours and activities in travel destinations that will immerse you into a new culture,  help to meet and connect with local people, and even to learn a new skill. 

- Alternative shopping

Discover concept, designer and vintage stores. Support local creators. Buy souvenirs or gifts for your family and friends that are authentic and unique. 

- Alternative art & culture

Street art, independent art galleries, unusual museums, festivals and events.

- Off-the-radar travel destinations

Less popular cities, less popular countries (probably yet) that are worth visiting. Explore the unexpected! 


If you are looking beyond the mainstream, The Alternative Travel Guide is something for you.

Let's try something new!