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Hello! Aloha! Namaste! The smiling person in the photos of this travel blog is me, Sasha Naslin. 


I left my hometown of Tiraspol, Pridnestrovie 12 years ago. Since then, I have moved 15 times.


I traveled to 60 countries on different continents and stopped counting cities after two hundred. I lived in Hungary, Belgium, France, Thailand, Spain, and Poland. 


During these years, I worked in different sectors - in journalism, in NGOs, and the top IT corporation from the Fortune 100 list. But my biggest passion has always been travel, countries, people, and cultures of the world. This passion has spilled over into The Alternative Travel Guide, and I am also working on other travel projects.


What is The Alternative Travel Guide?

I want to share with you experience and information about unique and unusual places on Earth,  inspire you to travel "meaningfully," try new things, and be more of a traveler than a tourist.


On I write about:

▲ Alternative Traveling & Alternative Tourism

Alternative ways of traveling.

Volunteering abroad.

Sharing economy and collaborative consumption.

Digital nomadism.

Teaching languages abroad.

Transformational travel. 

Eco-tourism, responsible & green travel.

Slow traveling.

Travel trends.

And everything in between. 



▲ Alternative Things To Do and Off The Beaten Path Places To Visit

"Different" urban attractions beyond  the tourist brochure in cool cities around the world.  


▲ Unusual Hotels and Unique Accommodation

Reviews of concept and unusual unique hotels, hostels, Airbnb rentals, and as well as  alternative home stay and co-living programs. Forget about boring chain hotels that all look the same and stay in truly unique places. 


▲ Concept Restaurants, Unusual Bars & Thematic Cafes

Places with the idea and with a story. 


▲ Immersive Activities & Authentic Tours

Less crowded, less known, authentic tours and activities in travel destinations that will immerse you into a new culture,  help to meet and connect with local people, and even to learn a new skill. 


▲ Alternative Shopping

Discover concept, designer and vintage stores. Support local creators. Find gems at flea markets. Buy souvenirs or gifts for your family and friends that are authentic and unique. 


▲ Alternative Art & Culture

The Louvre and the British Museum have not been canceled. I visit must-see museums, but I'm not interested in writing about them. 


Instead, I explore and write about street art, independent art galleries, quirky museums, cultural events, and local festivals. 


▲ Off-The-Radar Travel Destinations

In popular tourist cities, I look for unpopular attractions, and I also go to less popular cities and less popular countries (perhaps, for now) that are worth visiting. Explore the unexpected with me!

If you are looking beyond the mainstream in your travels, The Alternative Travel Guide is something for you.

Let's try something new!

Sasha Naslin, a travel blogger @ The Alternative Travel Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you from?



This is a question that constantly baffles me. Why? 


Well, because I have no unambiguous answer to it that would itself fly off the tongue. 

It's easy to answer this question for those who are German from Germany or Italian from Italy. But it is not my case. 


First, I was born in a country that no longer exists, USSR! 


And then one day I fell asleep in one country, the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic, and woke up in another one, the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, known as Pridnestrovie and Transnistria. It is included in the Atlas of the countries that "don't exist". Pridnestrovie does exist but you will not find such a country on the world map, because it is not recognized by any UN member state. All in all, it's a long and complex story. 


If I say that I am from Pridnestrovie/Transnistria, then my foreign interlocutor either feels like a complete dumbass, because he has never heard of Pridnestrovie/Transnistria at all, and it happens in 90% of cases. 

Or a new acquaintance begins to ask a thousand and one questions about Pridnestrovie/Transnistria, but I don't like to give lessons in geopolitics, history, and international relations.


My native language is Russian and my mother was born in Siberia. So, often on the question “Where are you from? " I answer "I am Russian."


Then I receive a counter-question: “Oh, wow, cool, where exactly in Russia?”. 


And I go: "Hmm, well, actually I have never lived in Russia ..." 

Such an answer does not fit either :-) 


Sometimes I say: “I am from Moldova” in a hope that I would not have to go into details. 


But usually, especially outside of Europe, my new friend asks me awkwardly:


"From MALDIVES ??"


:-) :-) :-) 

“Hmm, yes, almost from the Maldives, my friend” 

Really,  it happened many times. And it is understandable, the Maldives are more popular than Moldova) 


Besides, I left Pridnestrovie 12 years ago, and since then I have lived in 6 different countries and received French citizenship. So the answer to the question “Where are you from? " got even more complicated. 


Lately, I answer it simply: "I am from many places" or "I am a citizen of the world" :-)) It's an exhaustive answer, isn't it? :-)) But this is the truth that I like about myself. Because I really feel like a citizen of the world. Moreover, I've done a genealogical DNA test to learn more about my ethnicity. So, the fact that I am a world citizen has been scientifically proven :-) 


I have found more than two thousand distant relatives all over the world from America to Australia.

Which country did you like the most?

The countries that amazed me and blown my mind are Myanmar and Iceland. They are truly unlike any other country. In Iceland, it's a nature that I have not seen anywhere else. And in Myanmar, I was impressed by its people and their culture untouched by globalization. 


My favorite countries where I return again and again and where I plan to live for some time are Spain, southern France, and Thailand.


How many languages do you speak?

My native language is Russian, and I am also fluent in French, English, and Polish. With the Spanish that I am currently learning, I will be speaking 5 languages. 


Do you accept guest posts?

Yes, I occasionally accept travel-related guest posts! 


If you are interested in publishing a guest post on The Alternative Travel Guide, you should submit original content written by you and not published anywhere else. 


You can write about your last trip, moving to a new country, alternative travel, volunteer experience, eco-travel, unusual places and unique off the beaten path attractions, SLOW-style travel, digital nomadism, retreats, transformational travel. 


Here is the list of all topics and a mini-guide on publishing a guest post. 


Please contact me and tell me what you want to write about, and I will get in touch with you. 



Travel guest post: a mini-guide on how to write a guest post for The Alternative Travel Guide

Are you looking for a travel website to submit a guest post? I have great news for you: I've started accepting guest posts on Alternative Guide! 


If you want to share your travel experience, write a guest article! 


Read this mini-guide to learn what content to write and how to have your travel guest post accepted on this blog.


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