Bye-bye boring and soulless hotels, hello unique! 


It's incredible how many hotels do not differ at all from each other. Are you tired of hotel rooms that are just a box with a bed and a shower? 


Are you looking for a hotel that will be an attraction in itself? A hotel that will become a bright and meaningful part of your Hong Kong experience? Here is my selection of 5 of the most unusual and quirky hotels in Hong Kong that you will never forget.  


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Airbnb has changed the way I travel. Why do I love staying on Airbnb?


Well, not only because of possibility to meet a genuine local host, or getting the whole apartment for a price of a hotel room, but also because I can stay at truly unique and unusual places that would not be available as accommodation otherwise.


Here is a listing of some insane and incredible Airbnb rentals to add to your wish list!


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MORE THAN A HOTEL. In a cinema or a factory. In a tree house or a bubble. In a tepee tent or a mill. Here are the most unusual hotels and unique accommodation in Poland.


Do you want to celebrate your birthday in a special way? Or maybe to impress your significant other?


Discover some ideas for an extraordinary weekend in Poland! 


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Vienna is a temperamental city, so why on your visit not to stay in a hotel with a character?  In Vienna, there are some unique hotels for every taste.


Do you want to spend the night in a coworking hotel, in a social hotel, or a hotel in a vinegar factory?  Or how about a hotel where a fashion show takes place or a hotel in a store window? It will be something different from your ordinary chain hotel. 


Here is my selection of hotels in Vienna in the style of The Alternative Travel Guide: unusual and unique hotels with the history that will make you remember your trip to Vienna for life. The choice is yours.


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Say bye-bye to the boring chain hotels! A unique hotel with a story and an atmospheric design will help to make your visit to Wroclaw genuinely memorable.


Are you looking for something spicy? Check out this blog post with my selection of unusual hotels in Wroclaw. 


What would you like: light and color therapy in your room, a hotel on Wroclaw Island, a stylish computerized room with a transparent bathroom, vintage and tango atmosphere, or a night in a former granary? 


Read on and get inspired. 


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Do you want to know what paradise looks like in a hut?


If you are not ready to carry a canned beef stew in a 60-liter backpack and toil with the installation of a tent, but you still want to be closer to the Icelandic nature, try glamorous camping aka GLAMPING. 


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