The best books about travel and self discovery

Travel is a way of self-discovery. When I travel, I discover new cities and countries, new tastes and smells. But first of all, I discover myself. In the new conditions of a foreign country, I begin to understand who I am and why I am. What stereotypes and limitations live in my head.


Another great method for self-discovery are books about travel and self discovery. After all, a good book, like a good trip, is an opportunity to live another extra life, right?


I find blog posts like "the top 100 travel books" to be stressful. All descriptions, synopsis, and titles merge into noise. How can you choose one of the 100 best books about self discovery? So I decided not to make such a long list of books. I have chosen only 5 books about travel and finding yourself, that I have read myself, and I recommend if you want to understand yourself, understand your inner calling, and connect with yourself. And all this simultaneously with the discovery of the world.


If you can't choose from dozens of books on travel and self-discovery, start with one from this list. It will be a great start on your journey of self-discovery.


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