Top 10 Non-Touristy & Unique Things to Do in Calgary Canada

Unique things to do in Calgary

It’s another beautiful day in Calgary, Alberta. The smell of that fresh mountain air fills your nostrils, the

hot sun touches down on your body, and the best part is, your entire day is free. You want to fill it up

with nothing but fun things. However, there is a little problem. It’s tourist season and we all know that

can get a little crazy.


So the question is, what are some non-touristy and unique things to do in Calgary when everything else is so busy?

Here are some good suggestions that are fun and away from the maddening crowds. Visit Calgary and recharge with positive energy in relatively non-touristy places in the city.

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Alternative & Unique Things To Do In Toronto Recommended By Travel Bloggers

Unique things to do in Toronto

Toronto is Canada's most visited city, attracting 27 million travelers a year. It offers tons of attractions and ways to spend your holidays. So, whether you like adrenaline activities, outdoor adventures or hipster districts, urban beaches, gothic castles, Toronto prepared something for you.


To help you turn your Toronto trip into an unforgettable adventure, I asked my blogging friends to share their favorite locations in the city. 


So here are the best unique things to do in Toronto to add to your Toronto bucket list. 


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Spring in Canada: fun things to do

Have you ever been to Canada during spring season? If not, then you should definitely plan a holiday to this amazing country and visit it during the spring time at least once in your lifetime. It is absolutely beautiful in any time of the year, but spring in Canada is spell bounding. Discover these spring break destinations and fun things to do in Canada you haven't thought of yet!


After the long freezing winters, it is a beautiful sight to watch the white canvas of snow slowly changing into vibrant colors. The impressive vast landscape goes through a complete transformation cloaked in vivid assortments of green trees and blossoms.


Being the Great White North, not all the snow is melted away, some places in Canada is known for its frosty beauty, yet there are other places which are quite enhanced with the oncoming spring season.

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