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5 TOP Seoul Travel Guides You Must Read Before Visiting!

Seoul travel guides reviews

If you're thinking about visiting Seoul, South Korea, then you'll want to read up on the country's history, landmarks, culture, and way of life. 


Guide books about Seoul give you all the information you need to make the most of your trip, from finding great places to eat, places to stay, and how to navigate your way around the city's efficient public transport system.


But of course, each Seoul guidebook offers something different and portrays information in different ways. If you’re not sure which guidebook is right for you, then don’t worry, because these are five of the best Seoul travel guides!

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10 Alternative & Unique Things To Do In Seoul, Korea

Alternative travel guide to Seoul, Korea

Tired of seeing crowded tourist sites and yet another palace or tower when you travel to Seoul? Then you’ll love these 10 alternative and unique things to do in Seoul. Breathe life into your travel itinerary with these unusual activities, attractions, and locations and cool places in Seoul. 


From abandoned theme parks and oil tanks, to ghostly tours, drinking from toilets (hear me out), and a spiritual journey overnight in a temple, there’s so much more to Seoul than the well-trodden must-see spots. If you’re looking to escape the masses, create some unforgettable memories, and find unique photo opportunities, then read on and start exploring Seoul hidden gems. 

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