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The alternative travel guides for advanced travelers

The Alternative Travel Guides

My alternative travel guides are designed for the advanced traveler looking to get off the beaten path and dig deeper. 


Alternative Travel & Tourism

Discover alternative ways of traveling. Volunteering.

Teaching languages abroad.

Sharing economy and collaborative consumption in tourism.  

Travel trends.

Digital nomadism.

Eco-tourism & sustainable tourism. 

Slow traveling.

Responsible travel.

And everything in between. 

Unusual hotels and unique places to stay

Unusual & Unique Hotels 

Forget boring chain hotels. Choose a unique place with a story.


How about a night at an igloo or a treehouse? Or maybe a bubble hotel or a medieval church? Here's a selection of the best quirky hotels and ideas for an unforgettable trip.

Transformative Travel Experiences

Check out a travel bucket list of authentic and immersive travel experiences.


Learn how to cook a pad Thai in Thailand, feel zero gravity in the cosmonaut training center in Russia, explore the Silent City of Mdina in Malta, see the northern lights in Iceland, hot air balloon over Cappadocia, or go on a DNA journey. Do you want more travel ideas?

Travel bucket list ideas and experiences

Countries covered in the Alternative Travel Guide

• Austria 

• Belgium

• Canada 

• China

• Croatia

• France

• Germany

• Greece

• Hungary

• Iceland 

• Israel

• Italy

• Luxembourg

• Moldova

• Myanmar

• Poland

• Portugal

• Spain

• Sweden

• Switzerland 

• Thailand

DNA travel: a new trend in alternative tourism. Review of Myheritage

We are much more connected with the world than we think. A DNA test helps to confirm that fact. Thanks to this analysis, you will find out who you are and where your ancestors come from. When you know which countries and regions were home to your ancestors, traveling there takes on a special deep meaning.


I always felt like a citizen of the world, but now, after I've got my DNA test results, it is scientifically proven! Moreover, I found more than two thousand distant relatives. From now, my travels will not be the same. 


What is this DNA tourism trend all about? How to do a DNA test? What surprising things have I discovered about myself?


Keep reading.  



Poland unusual hotels and unique accommodation directory

MORE THAN A HOTEL. In a cinema or a factory. In a tree house or a bubble. In a tepee tent or a mill. Here are the most unusual hotels and unique accommodation in Poland.


Do you want to celebrate your birthday in a special way? Or maybe to impress your significant other? Discover some ideas for an extraordinary weekend in Poland.


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Ideas for alternative travel and alternative tourism

Alternative traveling is an emerging trend that develops as a sort of anti-tourism or "different" tourism - call it as you like. The driver behind this concept is to find an alternative to the mass tourism and to show the ways (or to create new ways) for meaningful traveling.


If an all inclusive package tour to a popular beach destination may "recharge your batteries," it may not recharge your soul.


Here are some ideas if you are in search of transformational travel and life-changing travel experiences.


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The Alternative Travel Guide is now bilingual and is published in English and Russian languages.

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