Poland unusual hotels and places to stay

MORE THAN A HOTEL. In the cinema or the factory. In the tree house or the bubble. In the tepee tent or the mill. Here are the most unusual hotels in Poland.


Do you want to celebrate your birthday in a special way? Or to impress your significant other? Discover some ideas for an extraordinary weekend in Poland.




Unusual capsule hostel in Warsaw, Poland

This unusual hostel will suit you if you are not claustrophobic and love new experiences.


The capsule hotel is created in the best Japanese traditions and is quite exotic in Poland. Here, instead of a room, you will sleep in an elongated cozy capsule, just like in Tokyo.


The hostel is located in the very center of Warsaw, within the short walking distance to the Old Town and the Presidential Palace. It is a cheap but very comfortable and definitely quirky accommodation in Warsaw. 



Unusual hotel in Zyrardow near Warsaw

Aparthotel Stara Przędzalnia - "The Old Spinning Mill" is a unique hotel and alternative to soulless hotels. It is located in Zyrardow, 50 kilometers from Warsaw, in the oldest building of the city.


It is a restored historic factory in the very center of Zyrardow. By the way, the city got its name from the French engineer Philippe Girard, the inventor of the flax spinning machine, who founded a textile factory here at the beginning of the 19th century.


If you like industrial design, red bricks, and minimalism, check out this unconventional hotel.



Unusual art hotel in Warsaw, Poland - Bee's Dream

Wake up in someone else's dream or inside a piece of modern art? These are the feelings you will have in the Bee's Dream Loft Hotel.


The creativity and uniqueness of this hotel are off the charts. Beds from the wooden boxes, tables from suitcases, hospital lamps, and original decorations take you to another dimension.


This place is definitely for people seeking new experiences and those who love original forms. If you are tired of standard hotels, go for this out-the-box gem. You will remember it for a lifetime.




Medieval Castle - Hotel in Krakow, Poland

Korzkiew Castle, like a time machine, will take you to the romantic past and make you feel like a princess or a valiant knight. Korzkiew Castle is an impressive medieval fortress from the 14th century.


Once bustling with vibrant feasts and knightly tournaments, today, the castle welcomes everyone as an extraordinary and unusual hotel. It is located north of Krakow, just 13 km from the Main Market Square.


Here you will find solitude, as the castle is located on a hill surrounded by forest and park. In addition to the pleasure of being in medieval interiors, you

can order a candlelit dinner in the chateau rooms with the fireplaces or the courtyard under the stars.



Windmill hotel near Krakow, Poland

Imagine a situation: you won a million bricks at cards. What to do with it when online auctions are more than a hundred years away? According to the legend spread in this area, in 1885, a certain Franciszek Foltin faced such a dilemma. His father was a printer, so Franciszek decided to build a printing house.


The building was finished in 1886, but eventually he opened a shoe peg factory. After the First World War, the building became a mill. It crushed and turned grain into flour, survived the Second World War, and each of the million bricks can tell its own story.


In the 90s, the life of the building seemed to be cut short. It was abandoned, with dusty equipment and broken windows. But in 2006, it started a new life as an unusual spa hotel Mlyn Jacka.



Unique and quirky Indian village hotel near Krakow, Poland

If, as a child, you were interested in books about native Americans and you always dreamed of living in a real teepee tent, you can fulfill your childhood dream in an Indian village near Krakow.


If you have children of your own, you must go there.


They will be delighted with this unusual hotel also because Energylandia and ZATORLAND amusement parks are located nearby. 


Sleeping in the Indian tepee in the middle of the forest, you will feel closer to the nature. 



“Listen to the air. You can hear it, feel it, smell it, taste it.  Woniya wakan—the holy air—which renews all by its breath.


Woniya, woniya wakan—spirit, life, breath, renewal—it means all that. Woniya—we sit together, don’t touch,

but something is there; we feel it between us, as a presence.


A good way to start thinking about nature, talk about it. Rather talk to it, talk to the rivers, to the lakes, to the winds as to our relatives.” 

― John (Fire) Lame Deer, Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions






Palace - Hotel near Wroclaw, Poland

Every connoisseur of antiquity, vintage, history, and royal splendor will feel in this unusual hotel-palace like in paradise.


The magnificent Wojanow Palace was built on the site of buildings from the 13th century, in the 17th century. The palace complex, in addition to the English neo-Gothic palace, includes a stable, a brick barn and a 19th-century residential wing.


The interior of the palace, with its ornate ballroom, will charm you and your significant other. It is worth going here and, in addition to historical buildings, see the former palace garden in a romantic style.


This is the perfect place for an idyllic weekend with your partner or even a wedding night.



Quirky artistic hostel in Wroclaw, Poland

Would you like to live in a room that is a figment of the artist's imagination and his hands? You can find out how cool it is at the Wroclaw HART Hostel.


There are no usual standard rooms like in chain hotels. Instead, each room is an artwork created by different artists.

The building of the hostel used to be a rum and cheap wine factory, but now it is a place for art and people of art.


HART is an independent cultural center and unique quirky hostel open to any creative experimentation.


The institution promotes the art created today. The name of the establishment is an abbreviation of the "hot art", meaning the modern art. Here you can see the latest and controversial art.


Regular displays of paintings, photographs, and installations take place in the basement and courtyard of the building. If you are lucky, you can combine your stay at this hostel with concerts of new, improvised, experimental, and exploratory music.


It's the place to meet local artists and explore the bohemian Nadodrze district of Wroclaw. 



Unusual extraordinary hotel in Wroclaw, Poland in the former granary

For four decades, it was a historical ruin, but in 2005 it was privatized by a development company. And in 2009, after major restoration work, the ruins turned into a boutique hotel, The Granary. 


This extraordinary loft-style hotel now offers modern rooms and suites with air conditioning, a salon, an elegant bathroom, and a minibar. Some rooms are duplex and with a glass roof.


Wroclaw's main market square is only 500 meters from The Granary Hotel, so it's convenient to stay here to visit the main attractions in the city center.


The hotel has its own upscale Mennicza Fusion Restaurant, which specializes in seasonal international dishes.



Unique hotel on island in Wroclaw, Poland

Another original hotel in Wroclaw, a Hotel Tumski, is located on an island on the Odra River.


Near this unusual hotel, a ship is moored where guests of the hotel have easy access.  To make your stay enjoyable, on its deck, you can dine with a view of the river.


Hotel Tumski is a good value for money, comfort, and convenience.


The hotel is located in a picturesque setting with bridges, islands, and medieval buildings. It's also close to the city center, and all the attractions are within walking distance.


This option is suitable for travelers who are looking for romance and peace or a family atmosphere.





Glamping in Poland near Gdansk

Have you ever seen a real yurt? It is a huge tent, actually, something between a tent and a summer house. Used for generations, a yurt is a traditional portable felt-covered dwelling common among Turkic and Mongolian nomads.


It is exotic and very practical accommodation that is good in any weather.


The peculiarity of the yurt is that it allows you to easily adjust the lighting and ventilation. Smoke escapes through the open hole in the center of the dome without filling the room. It also serves during the day for lighting, and at night it is easily covered, which allows you to keep warm. In hot weather, side felts can be lifted up.


The yurt is easily ventilated from either side through the lattice walls, allowing people to sit in the cool, blown shade.


If you are not going to Mongolia yet, but you want to experiences staying in the yurt, then you can do it in Elganowo,  30 minutes away from Gdansk.


Take a look at this photo. It's beautiful, isn't it?


I want to add that on the territory of this unusual glamping there is a wood-fired sauna, an open-air bathroom, and a deep silence.


Did I convince you that this is a cool weekend getaway out of town?



Unusual hotel near Gdansk in the former mill

Another unusual hotel in Poland that will surprise you is the Ryński Młyn Hotel, located in a restored medieval mill on the grounds of the Teutonic Order castle, between two lakes.


The oldest information about the Teutonic castle is contained in the chronicle of Wiegand of Marburg from 1377.


The first stage of construction dates back to the second decade of the 14th century, to 1376. The second phase of construction began in 1377 with the foundations of the walls around the castle with a huge outer castle. 


You can learn from the castle's inventory of the early 15th century, that the chateau had a kitchen, a bakery, and even a brewery. In the early 19th century, the castle functioned as a prison.


In 1881, the castle burned down and, as a result, was rebuilt in a neo-gothic style with towers. Now it's a fantastic hotel on the bank of the lake where you can  relax in historical surroundings.




Unusual hotel at the Polish Wine Producer

Wine is not the kind of association that comes when you think about Poland. But to the surprise of many tourists, there are vineyards in Poland, wine is indeed made here, and it is quite tasty!


If you want to learn wine secrets in Poland and taste the Polish wine directly at the production site, go to Winnica Zabi Raj - The Winery Frogs' Paradise, where you will find vineyards and agrotourism in one place.


The vineyard and hotel are located in a charming area near Kashubia and only 50 minutes from Gdansk.

The owner of Vineyard Zabi Raj founded it in 2007 with the passion for wine, admiration for the beautiful wine-growing regions of sunny Italy, and the dream of having a vineyard in Poland.


It covers an area of 2 hectares and is part of a 6-hectare estate near a forest and a beautiful pond full of fish.


Here, on warm spring evenings, you can admire the beauty of nature and listen to an amazing symphony of croaking frogs.




Unique & unusual loft hotel in Nikiszowiec near Katowice

If you are going to Silesia, be sure to visit the Nikiszowiec area in Katowice.


It is a historic working-class estate that has now been partially renovated and features fascinating red brick buildings with red windows. It is here that many historical films were filmed. Artists and creative personalities come here for inspiration.


Indeed, Nikiszowiec is an atmospheric place where you feel like a movie hero.


It is an excellent starting point for visiting other attractions in Katowice, such as the Spodek, the Philharmonic, or the Silesian Museum.


A night in an industrial loft will be a great addition to your Silesia trip because it is a tourist attraction in itself. Its original design with brick walls, a table in the form of a miner's cart, a sink made from a bucket, and a miner lantern will help you to feel the spirit of Silesia.








Unusual hotel in Katowice, Poland in the former coal mine

Within the walls of the conceptual site Sztygarka, you can explore the industrial history of Katowice.


Previously, it was a functioning coal mine built in 1933.

Mining operations in Sztygarka were carried out until 1993.


 Then,  after the closure, the dismantled mine was empty for several years. In 1997 it was privatized, and the new owner brought this real estate to life. 


He turned it into a multifunctional complex: Sztygarka is an unusual hotel,  a cafe, a restaurant, a concert hall, a business center, a cultural center, a spa, and a beauty salon! Imagine, all this is concentrated in one place!


The Sztygarka unique Hotel Pension Pod Wieżą has a magical atmosphere. Here you will find peace and a unique post-industrial style.


It is convenient to stop here if you are visiting Katowice: it takes only 10 minutes to get to the city center by car or taxi.


This is a great option for travelers tired of faceless hotel chains. The hotel has 11 rooms with original and boutique-style design. 




Unusual place to stay in the industrial loft in Nikiszowiec, Katowice, Poland

Another atmospheric place in Nikiszowiec is a Loft Coal And Rocks.  The loft is located in a historic, authentic building. The design of the loft continues the style of the Nikiszowiec industrial area.


If you like industrial musculin design with functionalism and minimalism, brick walls, gray concrete, and wood, you will feel comfortable at the Coal and Rocks.


Nowadays, not only miners live in Nikiszowiec. Here you can meet IT professionals, artists, and entrepreneurs. The Silesian spirit densely fills every fragment of this place. We are grateful for the way Nikiszowiec looks like today to two brothers, architects Emil and Georg Zillmann, who came up with a project of this estate and then made sure that it was built exactly according to their plan.


It became a city in a city with 1000 apartments, a park, an administrative building, a magnificent church, police buildings, shops, a laundry, and a school. So, in general, it included everything that was needed for the daily life of more than 8000 people - miners and their families.

The residential complex Nikiszowiec can also be called the heart of Silesia due to its history of being a part of Germany and independence movements.




Unusual Piramida hotel in Tychy, Poland

Although not many people associate the industrial city of Tychy with spirituality, here you can visit the Pyramid famous throughout Poland.


It's not just a pyramid, but an unusual five-star hotel with special healing energy from an earth chakra amplified by the pyramid shape of the hotel. The characteristic building stands on a hill that, according to some researchers, has healing powers.


There is a chakra, i.e. a place of an especially strong positive influence of the Earth. The mysterious phenomena taking place inside the ancient Egyptian pyramids, as well as in other structures with their shape, have been the subject of research by many specialists since the 1930s. 


They recognized various and unusual manifestations of the pyramid energy ranging from mummification, disinfection, improved food, and water quality, to good sleep, improved well-being, and healing.


Due to his deep faith and conviction in the positive influence of the mysterious energy of the pyramids, Tadeusz Ceglinsky built a modern pyramid in a recreational area, located on the shore of the lake. Its structure is a five times smaller copy of the Cheops pyramid at Giza and was built in compliance with all proportions and positions relative to the sun and the directions of the world.


The Pyramid has two unique places that have no analogs in the world: Pyramidion and Osiris Dungeon that serve as relaxation and healing rooms.


The Pyramidion is the glass top of the Pyramid. From there, you can see the surroundings and the sky, the stars and the sun. The energy stored in the Pyramidion has a positive effect on physical and mental health and stimulates natural cellular processes.  


The Underground of Osiris is a relaxation and healing room located right on the chakra that radiates beneficial energy from the Earth. The energy in this room affects the human body, improves well-being, and helps to quickly restore the psychophysical balance. 


If you don't believe in the invigorating power of the Earth, you can still enjoy this unique hotel in Poland and benefit from their spa offer or dine at the Kleopatra Restaurant. 




Unusual hotel in Lodz, Poland - hotel in the former tobacco factory

Hotel in the Tobacco Factory


Welcome to the unusual place in Poland, the Hotel Tobacco. Once this building was home to the production of woolen shawls and cigarettes, and now the factory has turned into a unique hotel where you can spend an unforgettable weekend.


The history of the Tobacco Park complex, where the Tobacco Hotel belongs to, dates back to the end of the 19th century, when one of the Lodz manufacturers, Karol Kretschmer, was looking for a location suitable for the expansion and modernization of his textile factory.


The woolen handkerchief factory, equipped with a modern steam spinning mill and 62 handlooms, flourished with more than 300 employees at its peak. The good streak was interrupted only by the outbreak of the First World War.


In 1925, the complex became the property of the State Tobacco Monopoly, and a year later, it was supplemented with modernist buildings.


Today, the factory houses the Tobacco Hotel. It gets its name from the Tytoniu and Cigarette Factory that appeared after the transformation of the former textile factory. This factory, one of the largest in Poland, operated until the end of the 20th century, producing well-known packaged cigarettes such as Flat, Egyptian, and Popular. 


While the historic industrial feel of the hotel delights, guests are also treated to all the comforts and necessities one might expect from a hotel designed to dazzle.


In addition to the hotel, Tobacco Park includes apartments, lofts, and apartments with industrial design and non-standard architectural solutions.


All of this has preserved the unique atmosphere and spirit of old Lodz.



Unusual bubble hotel near Lodz, Poland

Bubble Hotel & Glamping


Experience the thrill of a simple life in the first Bubble Hotel in Poland.


Here you will not get the comfort and service of a five - star hotel, but a new experience.


Just imagine: you sleep in the middle of a forest under the transparent roof of your bubble and stare in the sky full of stars. 


Even if it’s not a five-star hotel, your weekend on nature will still be much more comfortable in the bubble than in the regular tent.


That is why we call it glamping: glamorous camping. 


It is located in the National Scenic Park Wzniesienia Lódzkie, far from the hustle and bustle of the city.


The glamping complex W Bance features five luxurious bubble-shaped transparent tents with a jacuzzi and a lake.


Sleeping under the cloud has a different meaning here. Only the transparent bubble material separates guests from a thousand stars.


If you choose to stay in the bubble hotel, you get a unique opportunity to experience nature in a comfortable environment.


Falling asleep on comfortable beds, you can gaze at the stars and admire the surrounding nature. Wake up in the morning before sunrise without leaving your tent.


You can get into this miracle within 30 minutes driving  by car from the city of Lodz.






Unusual hotel in the Cinema in Lodz, Poland

A Heaven for Cinema-Lovers: Hotel and Cinema in One! 


Last night movie at the cinema. Kisses in the dark on the back seats of the cinema hall. Well, the cinema is a romance. How do you like the idea of spending the night in a former movie theater? I love cinema, so this unusual hotel in the very center of Lodz could not escape my attention. Imagine, each room of this unique hotel tells a separate film shot in Lodz! The hotel has its own cinema and restaurant with inspiring interiors from the world of cinema.

There are no two identical rooms here - each one is extraordinary and magical.


The best films and TV series that served as a source of inspiration for the interior decoration of all apartments were selected by the association Regio Filmowa Łódz, experts in the history of Lodz cinema.


Historically, this cinema was the second cinema in the world, right after the Lumiere brothers in France. In 1899, the brothers Władysław and Antoni Krzeminski opened here the first permanent cinema in Poland - the Cabinet of Illusions.


Now, this hotel-cinema-museum presents the history of cinematography. 

You can also visit their restaurant, poster gallery, and cocktail bar. The Old Cinema Cinema Residence became the cinematic center of the city where numerous meetings, exhibitions, and film screenings take place.


As soon as you step over the threshold of this hotel, you enter the world of cinema, and at the reception, you will immediately be treated to fresh popcorn.


If you are going to Lodz, seriously consider spending the night there!





Unusual hotel palace in Mazury Lakes in Poland

Barocco Palace & Ceramic Manufacturer Nakomiady 


If you dream of feeling like a real princess and living in a palace, be sure to visit this unusual palace hotel in Poland, in Mazury lakes region. 


The Palace, or the House of Classical Beauty, as the owners call it, is a beautifully restored Baroque building set in a five-hectare park.


The history of Nakomiada Palace dates back to the Middle Ages. There was a Prussian settlement in the area of today's village. Information about its existence dates back to the end of the 14th century. The palace in Nakomiadi was built on the site of the medieval fortress of Fliburg from 1392-1396.


Traces of the fortress are still preserved in the park: you can see defensive walls and earthen ramparts. The place changed owners many times, and in the 17th century, a Dutch Baroque palace was built here.


Around the palace there is silence, peace and complete relaxation.


Come here to absorb the beuty at any time of the year.


Nakomiady is not only a palace and a hotel, it's also a ceramics manufactory. The ceramic manufactory in Nakomiadi was founded in the early 18th century for the expansion of the palace.


It all started with the manufacture and firing of bricks. Today the masters make replicas of historic models of fireplaces and stoves, tiles and ceramic artworks. The manufactory is characterized by traditional technology and a manual production process. Definetely check it out if you visit this area. 




Unusual glamping hotel in the Polish Mountains, Tatry

Unusual Glamping in the Polish Mountains Tatra Glamp 


Meet the Tatra mountains in the GLAMOR version!


Here's another fantastic destination for those who want to spend time in nature but are looking for more comfort than spending the night in a tent.


This is a unique glamping in the Polish Tatras - Tatra Glamp.


Its unusual spherical structures look like an igloo, have a large window with an amazing view of the Tatras and are cozy like a hotel.



This glamping is warm in winter and comfortable in summer because it is equipped with air conditioning and heating! It's a deluxe suite for mountain lovers and hikers.


After conquering the Tatra Mountains, relax in the jacuzzi and sauna located near the glamping site. Then absorb the minerals of thermal pools in Bukovina Tatrzhanska, go to Zakopane and Morskie Oko, and explore local food in taverns of the mountaineers.  












Unusual hotel Maldives-style in Poland on the Baltic Sea

Maldives-Style Houses on the Water HT Houseboats


Houses on the water like in the Maldives by the Baltic Sea - this is love at first sight!


This unusual hotel will suit lovers of the sea, lakes and life on the water.


The advantage of this house on the water is that there is no swaying, like on a boat. After all, they are built on the calm waters of the Lake Yamno. So if you have motion sickness, then don't worry about it.



These unique water houses are located just 300 meters from the Baltic Sea, so you can enjoy both the lake and the sea.


Here you can practice all the water activities you love: pedal boats, bicycles, tandems, jet skis, speedboats, kayaks... Anything your heart desires. Be sure to try the local hit - the floating sauna cruise.




unique hotel in Poland on the boat on the Baltic Sea

Hotel on the Historical Boat Ladoga in Szczecin


Another unusual hotel on the water in Poland awaits you in the historic ship Ladoga.


This ship sailed for 50 years on the largest lake in Europe, Ladoga, after which it got its name. Ladoga carried passengers between St. Petersburg and the ports of Finland, and even reached the White Sea.



In 2001, the ship retired, but continues to seethe with life and now pleases tourists with its cabins transformed into a hotel with a gourmet restaurant.


Everything on the Ladoga ship breathes the sea: both nautical-style rooms and a restaurant menu with a huge selection of fish dishes.


This is a unique place to discover the life of the Polish port city of Szczecin and enjoy vacation on the Baltic Sea. 



Unusual Hotel in Poland in the Historical Dutch Mill by the Baltic Sea

Historical Dutch Windmill by the Baltic Sea 


This extraordinary hotel in a historic Dutch mill is well worth staying for more than one night. After all, this place is all in one: a museum, a hotel, beautiful nature, and the beach on the Baltic sea. 


The history of the mill takes us back to the 19th century. After World War II, the mill operated until 1948 and was run by a local German miller. The mill served the inhabitants of Lendzin and surrounding villages.


Since the 1950s, the mill was not used, and the equipment has been transferred to factories in Gryfice.


In the 70s and 80s, the new owner restored the mill and turned it into a unique hotel.


The owners made sure that as much of the original walls and elements that powered the mill were preserved. To this day, there are gears and mechanisms that run from the very base through the center of the windmill, reaching the dome. Apparently, the mechanism is in such good condition that even today the wings of the Windmill could work again.


The necessary construction work was carried out under the supervision of the Provincial Monument Conservator as the mill has been listed as a Historic Monument since 1953.



Choose the mill if you look for an original hotel for relaxation by the Baltic Sea. Bye-bye, boring soulless hotels!





With love,


Sasha & The Alternative Travel Guide 



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Unusual Hotels in Poland


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