Spring in Canada: fun things to do

Have you ever been to Canada during spring season? If not, then you should definitely plan a holiday to this amazing country and visit it during the spring time at least once in your lifetime. It is absolutely beautiful in any time of the year, but spring in Canada is spell bounding. Discover these spring break destinations and fun things to do in Canada you haven't thought of yet!


After the long freezing winters, it is a beautiful sight to watch the white canvas of snow slowly changing into vibrant colors. The impressive vast landscape goes through a complete transformation cloaked in vivid assortments of green trees and blossoms.


Being the Great White North, not all the snow is melted away, some places in Canada is known for its frosty beauty, yet there are other places which are quite enhanced with the oncoming spring season.

So, what are fun things to do in spring in Canada?

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1. Go See the Cherry Blossoms in Vancouver and Welcome Spring in Canada

Cherry Blossom viewing in Vancouver, Canada

Canada is incredibly versatile. Do you know that you can view cherry blossoms here?


Vancouver has a charming section of over 43000 cherry blossom trees which spurt into full bloom during spring. It's a perfect destination to visit Canada in spring. 


Inspired by the Sakura Festival in Japan, Spring in Vancouver is celebrated with Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival where millions of pink blooms charm your sight. Adding extra allurement to the ambiance, tree barks and branches lit up in soft fairy lights, giving the surrounding a dreamlike feel and pleasantness. People gather here to experience a gist of Japanese scenery and culture.


The festival consists of a two-day Sakura event that exhibits Japanese arts, entertainment, music, and cuisine. So it's worth planning at least 3 days for Vancouver  to enjoy the festival and the city. You can also attend a grand lunch under the falling pink petals with other visitors in Vancouver’s largest spring picnic event.


The festival is held at the end of March and through mid-April.


Vancouver looks brilliantly florid during the spring season, and that’s why it is perhaps among the most popular places to visit during spring holidays in Canada.



2. Stay At The Most Unique Places At The Best Spring Prices

Spring is the best time of the year to stay in Canada's quirky and exclusive hotels. Why? Because spring is the low tourist season, unique hotels that are usually full during the high season are available for booking, and what's more, in the spring, you can reserve the best rooms at lower prices.


There are several unusual hotels in Canada where you can spend a fantastic weekend or a romantic getaway that you will remember for a lifetime. 


If you want to surprise your partner, reserve a room at the only ice hotel on the continent! It is an excellent place to propose or celebrate your wedding anniversary!



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Hotel De Glace is a magical and extraordinary structure made up of 30,000 tons of snow and 500 tons of ice.

The furniture in the rooms is also made of ice and snow, right down to the bed frames !!!


A unique atmosphere awaits you in this hotel, where you can fully appreciate the warmth of your love and your relationship.


Despite snow and ice in everything, the hotel creates comfortable sleeping conditions, and the beds are covered with soft, comfortable mattresses, warm sheets, pillows, and a fur blanket.


The hotel's saunas and hot tubs will help you to celebrate spring in Canada.

One more special place in Canada for a spring adventure is the Train Station Inn in Tatamagouche. It is a real train station, currently out of service and turned into a cool hotel. A night at the Train Station Inn is an incredible chance to experience Canadian railways' rich history and spend the night in vintage cabins.


This hotel will be an ideal place not only for couples but also for groups of friends and families. Here you can also celebrate an important event of your family, birthday, or simply spend time in an original way.


Another highlight of your trip to Canada can be the luxurious and magical Fantasyland Hotel in Edmonton. Here you can embody your wildest fantasies and get an unforgettable experience thanks to immersive thematic rooms.


Whether you want to travel to Ancient Rome, the North Pole, Polynesia, the Wild West, or even space, the Fantasyland Hotel has a room in this style.


This hotel is perfect for adventure lovers of all ages.


Forget about boredom and routine. It is enough just to change the room and be transported to another continent or even a planet.


3. Visit Niagara Falls in Springtime!

Every lucky person who felt the coolness of the giant streams spray on his skin, loudly rushing down from the rocks in a picturesque place on the USA and Canada border, would confirm that Niagara Falls is one of the wonders of the world. 


This impressive destination includes three falls - American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Horseshoe Falls.


"Niagara" takes its name from the local indigenous people - the Iroquois tribe Ongiara. Literally, "Niagara" means "onguiaahra" - "thunder of water."


You will be thrilled and amazed by thunder and a spectacle when 750,000 gallons of water rush every second. This unique place attracts about 8 million visitors from all over the world each year.


Are you thinking about visiting Niagara Falls? Spring is an excellent time for this!

Niagara Falls in spring

Niagara Falls in March

If you come to Niagara Falls in March, you can see icebergs in the river. In winter, the waterfall turns into an icy wonderland, and in March, you can still witness this beauty.


In early March, you can watch bizarre blocks of ice form from the water. The snowy waterfall is an incomparable sight!


The viewpoints may still be covered in snow, but Niagara Falls is beautiful nonetheless in March.


In the evenings, they are lit with stunning illumination.


Get more info about Niagara Falls Day Tour from Toronto


Niagara Falls in April

April is also a great time to visit Niagara Falls. Late April is the perfect time to enjoy spring and the blooming of tulips and other wildflowers in Niagara Falls parks. In April, there will be fewer tourists at the waterfalls, and you can fully feel the energy of the waterfall and connect with nature.


But be prepared for the fact that the weather in Niagara Falls in April can be completely unpredictable. You can experience warm and sunny weather in April with a daytime temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15 degrees Celsius) or even 70 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius). Still, it can also snow or rain. If that doesn't scare you, then you will be in awe of Niagara Falls in April.


The ships generally do not sail at the beginning of April, as ice remains in the river. But depending on the weather conditions, boat rides the Maid of the Mist are also possible in April. Click here to check availability of Niagara Falls boat cruises


However, in April, you can see the waterfalls from a bird's eye view if you go on a helicopter trip


In addition, hotels in Niagara Falls in April are much cheaper than in summer. For example, in April, you can stay at the famous Niagara Falls Marriott on the Falls for as little as $ 90. This hotel is located right on the waterfall. You can enjoy the mesmerizing view of the waterfall from your room, at sunrise or sunset. This hotel is ideal for a romantic getaway or an anniversary celebration.


While in March, almost everything except the waterfalls is closed, from mid-April, attractions start to open. 


Don't forget to pack warm clothes and dress in layers. 



Niagara Falls in May

From May and especially mid-May, the weather becomes ideal for visiting Niagara Falls, and more and more tourists flock there. All observation decks and attractions are open in May.


In May, you will be able to go on a legendary tour Maid of the Mist Boat Ride. On this world-famous excursion, you get a chance to approach the waterfall on the boat and see it up close. 


Even if you look at the waterfall from all angles available, seeing and feeling the waterfall while in the water is an incomparable experience. On this tour, you can practically touch the falling water. Boats come as close as possible to Niagara Falls, so you can fully appreciate the power of nature. It is an indescribable feeling and a great way to see Niagara from a different perspective.


Be aware that even if you wrap yourself in a raincoat, you will still get wet, but it is fun and an absolute delight to get wet this way! Click here to get a discounted ticket for the Maid of the Mist Sightseeing Boat Cruise


In May, you can also go down the stairs on the Goat Island to the very foot of the Fata waterfall and feel its splashes.


Plus, many restaurants and street fast food outlets open in May, so you don't have to worry about snacks, lunch, and drinks.


The view of Niagara Falls from Canada is a million times better than from the United States. Only Canada offers a full view of this natural wonder, which every traveler should see at least once.

4. Experience Spring Skiing in Canadian Monashee Mountains, Lake Louise or Kicking Horse Mountain Resort

Where to go skiing in Canada in Spring?


Spring in Canada can be still a wonderful time for snowy fun activities. Winter sports are quite popular in Canada, particularly skiing. However what’s presently gaining popularity is spring skiing.


With the weather much warmer than icy winter climate, the snow still intact and powdery is perfect for a great skiing vacation for outdoor lovers.


Monashee Mountain stretch is a beautiful alpine terrain in British Columbia where you can have the ultimate Heli-skiing experience. Enjoy the breathtaking wilderness on a panoramic helicopter ride all the way up to the snowcapped summit then jump down to the soft fine snow and enjoy an exhilarating skiing experience.


5. Watch Bears at the Great Bear Rain Forest

Bear watching in Canada

Stretching on the Pacific Coast of Canada, Great Bear Rain Forest is the largest coastal temperate rainforest in the world brimming with beguiling natural beauty, dense verdant foliage and outstanding wildlife.


As the name suggests, the rainforest is home to grizzly bears, Kermode bears, and black bears and if you are a wildlife enthusiast, this will be your most memorable trip.


You can watch bears in action such as fishing for salmons in the glacier streams and taking a nap by the shore. Venture into a full blown wild adventure where you can encounter exotic birds, marine and animal species such as bald eagles, whales, sea otters, dolphins.  


Hike around the wild trails or take a cruise down the transcendent glacier creeks and feel the sense of tranquility and solitude amid refreshing fjord valleys, terrains covered in colorful wildflowers, and glacier covered mountains and cliffs.  



6. Explore the Bruce Peninsula Grotto

A naturally carved rock formation and grotto, The Bruce Peninsula grotto is a startling beauty to experience with its brilliant blue water pool and background of gray rock formations.


The best time to witness this spectacular scenery in seclusion, without any hoard of tourists is during spring time. 


The hike through the park is an amazing experience with the nature trail offering brilliant shades of multi colors in its lush forests.


After a 30 minute hike through the bright, lush greenery, you will find yourself staring into awe-inspiring vistas of clear blue waters of Georgian Bay and the rugged coastline which you would follow along the Georgian Trail descending to reach the grotto.  

7. Take a Nature Walk in Hamilton, Canada

Hamilton, Canada

Known as the city of waterfalls, Hamilton is home to hundreds of spectacular cascades. Hike or take a bike ride along the many nature trails winding around the verdant woodlands and waterfalls to witness its spring splendor.


One of the popular trails during spring time is the Bruce Trail where you will feel enamored by the expanse of natural beauty which was up till now sheathed in the cold snow. Hamilton is also home to Canada’s largest botanical garden which is a delight to experience during spring, being decked up with thousands of flowering plants and trees.


Don’t miss the Gage Park Tropical Greenhouse Springtide bulb show and Food and Drink Fest to sample the finest in Canadian cuisine, breweries, and wineries while you are in Hamilton.



8. Welcome Spring at the Ottawa Tulips Festival

Tulips festival in Canada

It’s time to stop and smell the tulips in Canada. Spring in Ottawa means you are welcome to a spectacular sight of endless stretches of colorful tulips.


The month of May kicks off the annual Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa. As per the history, a symbolic and simple act of gratitude and friendship between the Dutch and Canada in the form of tulip bulbs lead to the mass displays of tulip stretches in Ottawa which inspired the annual tulip festival.


 Boasted as the largest tuple festival in the world, over a million blooms of different species of tulips paint various sections of the city in a vibrant display of colors. The most spectacular sightings can be experienced at Commissioners Park and along the Rideau Canal.


Canada feels like a magical land in spring time. Nowhere in the world can you find such dramatic changes in sceneries of crisp white snowy landscapes mingled with flamboyant hues of flora and fauna.


Spring starts on the west coast in February and spreads throughout the country till June. The places are breathtakingly beautiful and a Canada holiday is an excellent way to bond with the family while enjoying the vivid sights of spring.


Travel Canada at ease – all you need is a travel expert to guide you through planning the holiday and check for tourist visa requirements for Canada. Get ready; it’s time to get exploring the beautiful Canadian places enchanted by the touch of spring.








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