Travel guest post: a mini-guide on how to write a guest post for The Alternative Travel Guide

Are you looking for a travel website to submit a guest post? I have great news for you: I've started accepting guest posts on Alternative Guide! 


If you want to share your travel experience, write a guest article! 


Read this mini-guide to learn what content to write and how to have your travel guest post accepted on this blog.


How To Submit An Article For The Travel Blog The Alternative Travel Guide?

Dear friends, fellow travel bloggers, and travelers! 


Did you go on an unforgettable journey, got a lot of emotions, took gigabytes of photos, and learned incredible things about the country, its people, and culture? 


You can write about your experience in a guest post on my site! I am always glad to share useful and inspiring information with my readers!


Why Write Guest Posts?

Guest posts allow you to share experiences, make a name for yourself, showcase your expertise, help other travelers with advice, get free PR, reach a big audience, and get their feedback. You will receive a mention on a popular blog and a link to your website, blog, or social network. 


Requirements for Travel Guest Posts on The Alternative Travel Guide

I accept guest posts that inspire travel and are useful to my readers.



Guest post policies for this site:

● A good guest post is an informative article covering the main topic, written by you and in the first person. 

It can be a story about your trip to a country or a specific city. 


● The story should be useful to readers and contain practical information.


● The article must be unique, - i.e. not previously published on the Internet. 

The Alternative Travel Guide will not accept duplicate content.

All posts must be newly created content specifically for The Alternative Travel Guide which is not (and will not be) posted elsewhere.


● The length of the article should be around 1500 words. 


● The text should be well structured and divided into sections with subheadings. 


● Please submit high-quality horizontal and vertical photos (850 pixels wide side) you've taken yourself. These photos should be original and not published on the Internet (or ever in the future). 


● Try to arrange a photo sequence in such a way that you get a photo story. Even if the reader cannot read the whole article, he will get a feeling of your trip through pictures. 


● Please send a guest post in Google Docs. 


● The Alternative Travel Guide reserves the right to alter, revise, or otherwise tailor guest post submissions. It includes editing the text for SEO, clarity & consistency purposes, and adding affiliates/relevant links. 


● The Alternative Guide does not provide copyright protection or accept copyright ownership and only retains publishing rights.


● Guest posting is for other bloggers and travelers only. 


● All posts will include a blogger bio and a link to your site. 


● If you are a company and seeking a sponsored post, please contact me for my current sponsored content rates.

List of topics for a travel guest post:

- Independent travel: any geography.

Tell what country you visited, how you got there, where you spent the night, how much the trip cost, where you ate, what you advise to try, what sights you visited and what you liked the most and why, what you didn’t like in the country, how safe is the country to travel, etc. 


- Road trips and itineraries


- Practical posts: how to get a visa to a country X, how to rent an apartment in a country X or a city X, how to pack for X, when is it better to go to X, how to save money in X, how much does it cost to travel to X. 


- Traveling with children


- Unusual places and unique attractions 


- Alternative travel


- Volunteer experience


- Teaching languages abroad


- Moving to a new country


- Remote work and digital nomadism


- Eco-tourism


- Travel trends


- Culture


- Food 


- Customs and traditions


- Festivals and holidays


- Transformational tourism

What's next?

If you want to write a travel guest post for The Alternative Travel Guide, please contact me. 


Leave your email, write a topic and an abstract of a future article. I will write you back, and we will discuss the details. 

Please enter the code:

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

I look forward to hearing your stories about unusual itineraries and your travel experiences. Thank you.

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    Amrita Das (Friday, 07 May 2021 21:00)

    Travelling is not just exploring, it is enjoying, researching and living with the experiences.

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