unusual and unique hotels in Hong Kong: The Alternative Travel Guide's selection

Bye-bye boring and soulless hotels, hello unique! 


It's incredible how many hotels do not differ at all from each other. Are you tired of hotel rooms that are just a box with a bed and a shower? 


Are you looking for a hotel that will be an attraction in itself? A hotel that will become a bright and meaningful part of your Hong Kong experience? Here is my selection of 5 of the most unusual and quirky hotels in Hong Kong that you will never forget. 


quirky hotels in Hong Kong


1. Gold Coast: a themed hotel in Hong Kong with rooms looking like cosmos, fairytale, safari or Formula-1

 Are you going to Hong Kong with your child in tow? The Gold Coast quirky hotel in Hong Kong will make it easier for you to enjoy a vacation with kids and entertain them.


It is a hotel with unusual themed rooms, where you and your children are transported into a world of fantasy, games, and dreams.


It can be hard to keep up with the fantasies of your child. Today he wants to become a prince, tomorrow an astronaut, and the day after tomorrow to go on a safari to watch zebras and giraffes. But in this hotel, even the pickiest kids will be satisfied with its creative theme rooms. 

themed hotel in Hong Kong with rooms for children


Here you can experience sleeping on a giant crater in outer space while your child sleeps in a rocket. 

In the "Outer Space" room you can feel like filming a fantastic film.


Have you ever wanted to try on an astronaut's spacesuit? Here it's possible.


By the way, this is an excellent place for a family photoshoot or just mega Instagrammable photos. 


themed room looking like an adventure movie with a pirate ship and treasures in an unusual hotel in Hong Kong


Another themed room in this unique hotel in Hong Kong is a safari room where your child will sleep in a comfortable tent while you rest on a safari jeep bed.


Fans of cars and car racing will find happiness in a themed room with a car-shaped bed from Formula 1, and fans of cartoons about pirates will feel the spirit of sea adventures in a room with a pirate ship bed and treasure chests.


The hotel is ideally located for a family holiday - on the Gold Coast of Hong Kong, on the shores of Golden Beach. Near the hotel you can enjoy the walks to the marina, explore local shops and restaurants.


See more photos and detailed information about the Gold Coast hotel.


2. Tung Nam Lou: a unique art hotel in Hong Kong

I love hotels that are more than just a hotel. One such jewel is Tung Nam Lou unusual boutique hotel in Hong Kong that is not only a stylish place to sleep but also a coworking space, a gallery, and an art store.


Founded by the art enthusiast Luo Chi-ching, Tung Nam Lou first started out as a Cantonese restaurant in 1950. After 44 years of gastronomic life, the premises underwent a transformation into a commercial center in 1994.


And only in 2018, the building turned into a multi-profile boutique hotel that has absorbed the history of the space.


unusual art hotel in Hong Kong Tung Nam Lou with designer rooms, tea workshops, colorful furniture and bed lining


You can choose from four types of rooms: comfort room, oriental room, music art room, and book lovers room. Each of the rooms has an original design and unique stylish details.


Whether you are in Hong Kong on a business trip or combining travel with work, you can get a comfortable place to work at the Tung Nam Lou's coworking space.


If you are interested in or in any way related to art, at Tung Nam Lou you will find a creative environment and art all around the hotel. 

This quirky art hotel in Hong Kong hosts cultural events, allowing travelers, artists, and the public to share their ideas and be inspired.


View Tung Nam Lou Hotel location and check availability



3. Madera Hollywood: a quirky Hollywood-themed hotel in Hong Kong

Bold and eclectic, the Madera Hollywood Hotel in Hong Kong will appeal to travelers who love to live and travel colorfully.


In this hotel, you can experience the luxury of the Golden Age of Hollywood in 38 Hollywood Regency-inspired suites. In such a setting, it's easy to feel like a celebrity or at least a VIP.


The hotel pays homage to legendary Hollywood stars, Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Chaplin, with two extraordinary thematic rooms. 

unique themed hotel in Hong Kong with a Marylin Monroe-styled room

Feminine and romantic, Monroe's suite makes you fall in love at first sight with its pink bed and pink decor, retro furnishings and inspiring Marilyn paintings.


Located in the heart of Hong Kong's Soho district, this hotel is a convenient base to explore the city with easy access to all the attractions. There are many restaurants, bars, clubs, and shops nearby.


See more photos and information about Madera Hollywood Hotel



4. W Hong Kong: a unique hotel in Hong Kong with the tallest rooftop pool in the city and rooms in the clouds

You will learn what means “heavenly” in an extraordinary W Hong Kong hotel.


It features Hong Kong's tallest outdoor HEATED (!!!) rooftop pool, rooms in the clouds overlooking Victoria Harbor, a sky bar, and an open-air restaurant under the stars. It's really a life in the skies.


Situated on the Kowloon Peninsula, this upscale hotel has many surprising factors, and the theme of "W for wow" runs throughout the hotel. Everything here is simply impressive. It would be fair to call this hotel "WOW Hong Kong Hotel". 

unique hotel in Hong Kong on the highest building in the city and with fantastic panoramas


After a day exploring the area, indulge in authentic Cantonese cuisine at Sing Yin restaurant. For cocktails, head to Wet Deck, a rooftop bar on the 76th floor with stunning panoramic views of Hong Kong and the harbor.


Swimming in the pool, located 211 meters (692 feet) above the ground, makes you feel like a bird.


W Hong Kong also features a Bliss gym and spa with equally incredible city views.


As for the location, the hotel is conveniently connected to the ELEMENTS Shopping Center, and it's a five-minute walk to Kowloon Station for the Airport Express.


West Kowloon Station, with high-speed trains to mainland China, is a 15-minute walk from the hotel, while central Hong Kong is just a short ride away.


Click here for more information and the latest prices.



hotel with rooftop pool in Hong Kong

The hotel is located in an architectural complex with the tallest skyscraper in Hong Kong and the famous Sky100 observation deck on the 100th floor.


It offers 360-degree panoramic views of Victoria Harbor and other parts of Hong Kong. At 393 meters above sea level, it is the only indoor observation deck in Hong Kong. The high-speed elevator will take you to the 100th floor in just 60 seconds.


Not only can you enjoy panoramic views of the whole of Hong Kong, but also watch the Love in the Sky light show. The show features fabulous 3D images with unique projection technology and music against the backdrop of Victoria Harbor's nighttime scenery. There is also a cafe on the 100th floor where you can take a breath from the beauty you've seen and refresh yourself.


If you do not plan to stay overnight at the China W Hong Kong hotel, but want to enjoy the unusual panorama of Hong Kong, you can visit the observation deck separately. The ticket costs USD 24. 


Get more info about the Sky100 observation deck and ticket options here.



5. Ovolo Southside: a quirky industrial hotel in Hong Kong in a former warehouse

The final star in my selection of unique hotels in Hong Kong is the Ovolo Southside Hotel, Hong Kong's first hotel in a converted warehouse.


It is a place where industrial and modern combine to create unique and stylish 21st-century designs.


unique hipster hotel in Hong Kong in a former warehouse


This ultra-trendy industrial hotel is located in southern Hong Kong, in the up-and-coming Wong Chuk Hang district, loved by local artists, hipsters, and young entrepreneurs.


The creators of the hotel decided not to rewrite the industrial history of the place but made a highlight out of it. The hotel's industrial style is complemented by a container converted into a bar, brickwork, steel furniture, open chimneys, and original graffiti and modernist art installations.


The hotel also features a trendy nightclub-like rooftop bar, a modern bistro, and a 24-hour restaurant.


unusual industrial hotel in Hong Kong with graffiti and rooftop bar


To make travelers feel at home, the hotel offers complimentary access to the gym and self-service laundry, complimentary breakfast, free snacks, and a drink at the bar during the happy social hour.


The hotel is located just 10 minutes' drive from the main shopping streets of Causeway Bay and 20 minutes from Central District and Soho.


Click here to check prices and rooms availability at Ovolo Southside Hotel


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5 Unique & Unusual Hotels in Hong Kong


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