sustainable plastic bottle alternatives

1: Ayurvedic Copper Bottle

Since the olden times, copper has been used to make pots and vessels because of its striking color and shine or patina (the brownish color on its surface), its flexibility, its anti-bacterial potentials, and also its capability to conduct heat. Copper equipment and accessories have become trendy in recent years, as well as water bottles made out of this stunning, soft metal.


Kos deg hammered Ayurvedic copper bottles are beautifully handcrafted, thus appear more like a piece of art and have made drinking water more enjoyable and gratifying. Copper bottles keep water remarkably chill and make the boring everyday water an utter delight. Kosdeg bottles can hold 34 oz which is adequate.


Copper, as in the chemical element, plays a significant role in our general health. As the third most dominant mineral inside the body, it benefits our metabolism, cell growth and also helps our hair and skin to remain in fine condition. Copper is the only type of metal registered by the US Environmental Protection Agency as it incessantly kills bacteria, yeasts, and viruses on interaction.


When water is kept overnight inside containers made of copper, a slight quantity of ions dissolve into the water and terminates bacteria, in a procedure which is termed oligodynamic effect. Studies have revealed that antimicrobial and antibacterial benefits from this classic old Ayurvedic method and states that drinking from a copper vessel aids to increase immunity and also help the digestive tract and reduce inflammation in the body.


As copper positively charges the water, ayurvedic practitioners drink an energized dose to revitalize the body daily. It also performs an antioxidant, which decreases deep-seated harm in the body and indorses endurance, and stimulates the brain.

Copper reacts with acidic food and drinks resultant in toxicity. Dairy, citrus, vinegar-based foods must never come in contact with copper.


As adults, the human body necessitates around 900 mcg of copper every day for healthy function, and gravid women or breastfeeding require more of it. Adequate copper consumption is very vital for children and infants as it is required for the formation, growth, and care of our bones, connective tissues in our hearts and arteries over our adult lives.


Kosdeg hammered Ayurvedic copper bottles can help you keep yourselves healthy and relish the delightful water every day and keep yourself hydrated even where you go as the bottle is representable and looks fascinating, because of the trendy and portable shape of this container.

2 : Reusable Sport Plastic Bottle

ZORRI sport lightweight drink bottles are designed innovatively which makes them look trendy and functions well than any other sport water bottles which are carried by people.


Titans Zorri bottles are presented in various colors and sizes for diverse uses. There are 3 available sizes, 600ml, 800ml, 1000ml perfect for adults and students.


Tritan water bottles conform with state and international codes and ethics, certified by the US FDA, SGS, Titans Zorri bottles are unharmful for our body, and assists in environmental protection. Appropriate for both hot and cold beverages (-10℃ to 11O℃).


Reusable bottles apart from being helpful in your regular water intake, allows you to participate in preserving and being gentle towards the environment around you. As reported by researchers, the production of single-use plastic bottles releases 2.5 million tons of (CO2) carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year, and further over 17 million barrels of oil are consumed to produce more than 50 million plastic water bottles per year in the US. If used for another purpose, that quantity of oil could provide fuel for around 1.3 million cars for a whole year or even power 190,000 homes.


You already know the benefits of drinking ample water but it's often easier said than practiced. Investing in a refillable water bottle that you can fill up throughout the day is an easy solution. Having one along with you, while you move will make you more likely to drink up.


Plastic is absorbent and porous, which means it is more expected to harbor harmful bacteria than stainless steel water bottles, and may also retain flavors and odors from previous drinks even after washing. Reusing water bottles just as they are, without washing them appropriately can result in the growth of bacteria and might smell bad, so the only thing you need to worry about is the hygiene of your bottle, Zorri bottles have a big opening and come with a brush to make it easy for you to clean it thoroughly once in a while. They are also 100 percent biodegradable. They are very sturdy and safe for dishwashers.


This bottle allows you to carry your drink or beverage in style and looks better than any other portable sports water bottle. Carry this bottle to your work, gym, or school, and stay hydrated.

3 : BRITA Reusable Plastic Bottle With Filter

Brita is a premium-grade water bottle that allows you to carry your water or any other beverage fashionably. Brita is available in one cool color and is offered in two sizes, 26oz and 36 oz which you can select according to your requirement. 


Brita water bottle has an advanced water filter that fits inside the straw and delivers you clean and fine-tasting water by eliminating odors. It has a leak-proof lid, which saves you from the fear of spilling it, and with the lid, there's a silicon carrying loop that is built-in and makes it easy for you to carry it anywhere. Brita water bottles are also cup holder friendly, whereas most bottles don’t comprise of such built. 


You already identify the benefits of consuming sufficient water regularly but it's often easier said than done. Investing in a refillable water bottle that you can fill up all over the day is an easy solution especially with Brita water bottles you can consume filtered water from wherever since it has a purposely functioning filter against the straw.


Having one along with you, while you move will make you more likely to drink up and even in situations you don't have clean water, Brita bottle will make it easy for you to consume unsoiled, clean water. 

4 : Reusable Hiking Soft Bottle

Hiking soft bottle is a distinct concept and is extremely convenient for hiking, biking, and further such sports. Hiking soft bottle is made up of food-grade safe plastic which is non-toxic.


Bottles are available in a wide range of colors and can amazingly carry up to 480ml of water.


The bottle is petite and can carry very less amount and is also not fashionable enough like other carry bottles.

Hiking soft Bottle comes with a metal clip that lets you hang and attach your bottle with anything such as your bag or belt, which makes you less worried about losing it and hang around thirsty.


Soft Bottles are collapsible and extremely lightweight, once water or any fluid is finished inside of it, you can fold it and place it in your bag's little pocket. Hiking soft bottles have a push-pull cover and a protective cap which makes it impossible to spill.


A pack of waterproof labels comes with the bottle which you can stick on yours or any other bottle to identify your bottle and not mix up while on a trip which is indeed very convenient and hygienic. 

5 : Glass Travel Bottle

Yomious bottles are made of glass and comprise of a silicon sleeve offered in diverse color range and also a Yomious glass bottle can hold 20 oz of water.


Glass bottles have eliminated the fear of toxic plastic bottles which could harm us, as plastic bottles produce chemicals when exposed to different temperatures and might smell bad after being used multiple times. Yomious bottles are amazingly durable and the glass won't crack even when exposed to extreme temperatures.


From an aesthetic point of view, Yomious are glossy, stylish and are preferred among cool and fashionable artisans.


The hazard of shattered glass has provoked many gym management, yoga studios, and other places to ban and prohibit glass bottles. Due to its brittleness, it has a briefer life span if you are clumsy. Alike plastic, not all glass is biodegradable and the reutilizing rate is very low.


The Colored silicone sleeves make Yomious bottles cool and fashionable and, protect the bottle from being cracked if it falls. Yomious bottles comprise bamboo lids with a stainless-steel insert which makes them look good. The bottle also has a perfect opening which makes it easy to drink water while not spilling it.


It is long-lasting and can be cleaned and washed frequently while preserving its shape, durability, and hygiene.


Glass water bottles are a considerable well choice over plastic water bottles in case of sustainability for their recyclability and reusability, and also as their design and cleanliness. Even though the initial investment for a Yomious glass water bottle is higher than plastic bottle prices, but it will save your money over time.


Water tastes and feels better in a glass and also Glass is non-permeable and will not absorb any odors and colors. Yomious Glass bottles are multifunctional and could be used for cold or even hot water. 

6: Stainless Steel Bottle

As far as reusable water bottles go, stainless steel as many people’s choices appears to be a fixed preferred for many people. Triple Tree steel bottles are made up of high-quality culinary grade stainless steel which is a non-reactive element, which means these bottles don’t release toxins when they hold water, even when there’s heat.


The design is distinct and the strength of it makes it perfect for any occasion which could be hiking, gym, cycling, or even office or school. Triple Tree bottles are made of food-grade steel 304 (18/8) so nothing to worry about. Typically, they last extensive than glass or plastic since they are rust and corrosion resistant, and do not leach chemicals when there is heat. They are usually more costly compared to plastic, as the cost to produce them is much higher because of being energy-intensive.


Triple Tree steel bottles are brittle and durable, almost impossible to break still the bottles are stylish and you can carry them anywhere even when traveling by air. These bottles can use high temperatures so they are easy to wash and decontaminate. Stainless bottles can hold both cold and hot fluids which makes them very convenient.  

Every so often there’s a metallic taste to the water which might be hated by some people and the water becomes hot if left in your car or outside in a hot climate.


Steel Bottles can easily be dented if dropped. sometimes paint peels, off the exterior of metal bottles and make them look terrible, that’s not the case with Triple Tree bottles.


These Triple Tree stainless bottles are a great alternative to plastic bottles deprived of the toxic and environmental concerns related to them. Triple Tree Steel bottles look trendy and are safe to drink from because they’re BPA and Phthalate free.