What Is The Best TikTok Alternative?

TikTok has become a huge hit across the globe. In fact, it was recently reported that the popular dancing app had over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide. However, despite the app's global popularity, TikTok has a bit of a 'dark' side. It's no secret that TikTok is filled with internet trolls.


Although the app actively tries to remove hateful and harassing content, countless of these videos and comments go undetected. TikTok also has a reputation for banning creators who should not be banned, which could negatively affect a creator's social media presence.

If you are a content or video creator and want to connect with your audience, build a strong community around your brand, or simply generate leads, you should consider using various social media platforms. It's no secret millions of people are making money on TikTok however as we've all seen social media platforms come and go. Vine, Google+, Yik Yak... they are all in the past.


You don’t want to fall behind the times or miss out on opportunities because you didn’t know they existed. The same goes for staying ahead of the trends. If you don’t know what’s happening now, you won’t be able to capitalize on it later.


If you simply are a fan of creating short, social videos, but don't enjoy TikTok? Then you need to find a great Tiktok alternative. Maybe you are worried about TikTok’s security issues, don‘t enjoy the interface, or would rather use something a bit different, you’ll be happy to know there are plenty of alternative TikTok apps out there. 

Top 8 TikTok Alternatives in 2022:

  1. Instagram Reels
  2. Firework
  3. Clash
  4. Triller
  5. Funimate
  6. Kwai 
  7. Likee
  8. Rizzle

1 >> Instagram Reels

Instagram is not a new social media app however it has made some huge changes and has grown a massive active community since its launch in 2010. The app has various social features: Instagram photos, 15-second videos on Instagram Story, high-quality videos on IGTV, and its newest feature called Instagram Reels.


Reels allow a user to record and edit video content for up to 60 seconds. The in-app video editing tools allow you to easily trim videos, delete or lower background music, and add plenty of filters. Other editing features include its huge music library where you can scroll through countless soundtracks and a shopping integration button that allow brands and influencers to provide extensive details about items in your video creation.


Instagram's Reel algorithm isn't too apparent. In case your video is featured on the Explore page, you will be notified. However, there is no additional information on why or how Instagram chooses which Reel is highlighted.




  • Millions of users
  • Plenty of filters
  • Can stitch together video clips
  • Shopping Integration Button



  • Unknown algorithm 
  • Limited to 1-minute video 


2 >> Firework

Firework is one of the apps similar to TikTok and is a good solution for business owners. It is a short-form video app that lets active users search, create and share videos. Unlike other social platforms, Firework is a social media network for professional creators that does not offer a 'like' or comment system. Firework is an excellent alternative to TikTok, but it puts an emphasis on video creativity over the obsession of gaining popularity. So, even if you don’t have thousands of followers, a fun video can make you well-known on this mobile app.


One of the most exciting aspects of this new tech­nology is that it could help companies improve their influencer marketing strategy. It allows original creators to produce exclusive content in an entertaining and engaging way for both themselves and brands. 


Firework Creation Studio allows you to import and edit your videos. It has created the first enterprise-grade vertical video editing software for businesses. In-video shopping through live streaming will keep your followers engaged in your content and brand.



  • Great Digital Marketing App
  • Focuses on professional content
  • Eliminates Vanity Metrics
  • Great monetization capability



  • Can not import personal music

3 >> Clash

Clash is a new social media video app similar to Tiktok that allows users to create their own short clips and make cash without needing a brand deal. The idea behind the app is simple: create a fun video, add some music, and then send it out to your followers.


Clash is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. It makes creating videos quick and easy. You can add images, music, and text to your clip and then share them instantly via social media.


Clash allows creators to send, receive, purchase, and redeem "Drops," a currency exchanged on the app amongst its users. This is an awesome alternative and a great way to pay creators and allow fans to show support to their favorite influencers and creators. 




  • Clash 'Drops' system to make money
  • A lot of community content
  • Easy to create and post



  • Currently only available on IOS
  • Spend money to buy 'drops'


4 >> Triller

Triller is another star on my list. Triller offers the same trendy TikTok-like videos but is not owned by a Chinese company. Instead, Triller is an LA-based app that features our favorite content creators and countless celebrities, including Charli D'Amelio, Justin Bieber, Snoop Dog, Post Malone, The Weeknd, Kevin Hart, etc.


The AI component in Triller allows video editing to be remarkably faster. You can access an entire song via Apple Music or Spotify when editing your videos. Triller seems to be focused on music; however, any popular content will ensure your online presence.


Triller is already very popular with an extensive community of creators and can easily become the best alternative to Tiktok. 



  • Variety of celebrity content
  • easy content creation
  • Huge library of music



  • Limited special effects

5 >> Funimate

Funimate is an alternative Tiktok app for people who enjoy making unique and fun video loops. Obviously, the trendy short-form dancing videos will always be exciting; however, Funimate allows users to edit and share versatile content.


This app has many cool features like advanced special effects, slow-motion effects, beauty filters, and transitions to enhance your entire video. Funimate's massive library of music and sound effects allows you to create music videos, dance challenges, lip-syncing videos, etc.


The only downfall of Funimate is how consistently they ask you to buy additional features. You are often asked to upgrade to the Pro version, and there are a lot of ad features.



  • Advanced App Editing Tool
  • Cool visual effects
  • Built-in video templates
  • Solid Music Library with popular songs



  • Advanced features cost money

6 >> Kwai

KWAI Video App is a new way to share your favorite moments from life with friends and family. KWAI Tiktok alternative app is a short-form video content app that features viral videos, cute videos, comedy videos, funny videos, lip-sync videos, and daily challenges. A feature that makes Kwai unique is its ability to reward creators; however, it is based on how many followers you have.


KWAI hosts regular contests and challenges that all creators can participate in. It has a unique algorithm that is focused on offering fair participation amongst its active users. You have the option to share short videos that last up to 24 hours, similar to other social networks.


Kwai is an awesome alternative to TikTok. The application allows you to download the video to your smartphone so you can easily share it on other social platforms.



All types of videos

Huge global reach

Powerful video editor



No web version is available

7 >> Likee

Likee is a new social media app that allows you to share photos and videos with friends. Likee is a video-sharing platform where people can easily share their talents. The amazing editing features and cool effects make creating videos more enjoyable.


Likee supports its users with personalized feeds and live streams. Live streaming gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself globally and engage with your followers. The personalized feed option is designed to show content you will potentially like. The algorithm is based on the videos you watch, like, and share. 


The app has a large library of music and sounds to enhance your video editing experience. An amazing feature this app has to offer that many other social platforms do not is the Music Magic filter that applies effects to your videos and changes the music intonation and volume. 


It features a big library of sounds and music and even has a Music Magic filter that applies effects to your videos. These effects change your video depending on the beat, volume, and music intonation. Many users say that Likee has the chances to become the best alternative of Tiktok. 



  • Magic music filter
  • Excellent community of creators
  • Ability to make duets
  • Amazing special effects



  • No age restriction 
  • only one stick can apply to a video at one time.


8 >> Rizzle

Rizzle is one of the best Tiktok alternatives; it's an innovative video maker app that focuses on collaborations and interactions. 


It's a simple way to create videos and connect with people from all around the globe. It is the latest up-and-coming application that brings competition to some of the best apps in the industry.


Rizzle makes it easy to start your own mini-series, personal talk show, cooking shows, vlogs, and product review channels. You can add images, sound effects, b-roll videos, and other advanced features to create viral content.

In addition, Rizzle is not only about creative video making but also monetization. With Rizzle, you can monetize your creativity. 


This platform allows sponsorships for creators that actively make popular content. Rizzle is an Indian-based company that is dedicated to helping millions of users become superstars when they participate in Rizzle's weekly contests.



Monetary assistance through sponsorship

Encourages professional content

Weekly video challenges and cash prizes

Pre-recorded b-rolls

Unique video editing tools 

Features a collection of 10000 exclusive video-making templates. 



Not possible to create lip-sync videos

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