Ecological Toothpaste Alternative: Smyle Review

toothpaste alternative: smyle

It's not good for anyone to eat plastic. But because of the modern human lifestyle, everyone eats plastic now - the fish in the ocean, the birds in city parks and even people without noticing it. Yes, it has been proven - microplastics are found in food, tap and bottled water, sea salt, meat, and fish. 


In addition, microplastics are found in many of the products we use on a daily basis, like face cream. So, the topic of avoiding plastic in my daily life has been on my mind for a long time. And I've already made some headway. I feel like I'm on the right track: for example, plastic bags, plastic-packaged shower gels and liquid shampoos have disappeared from my life. 


How excited I was when I found out about the existence of an alternative to toothpaste in a plastic tube - smyle. In this article, I will make a review of this unique product. 




Read this Smyle toothpaste tablets review and discover why they are an excellent toothpaste alternative. 

it's me glad to make smyle toothpaste review

What Is This Alternative To Toothpaste - Smyle ?

Smyle Review

a box full of smyles with a card from the team
ecological way of cleaning your teeth - wooden toothbrush  and a metal container with toothpaste tablets

I received a box that contained two paper bags of hard toothpaste pastilles, a small glass bottle, floss without plastic, a wooden toothbrush, a metal container and a card from the smyle team. 

smyle toothpaste review: a metal box, a wooden toothbrush and a pack of tablets

This alternative to toothpaste is small white tablets that you have to bite into and just start brushing your teeth as usual. Upon contact with a wet brush, the tablet begins to foam and turns into toothpaste.


The toothpaste itself is very pleasant, with a strong minty taste. After brushing my teeth with Smyle, my mouth feels pleasantly fresh and clean.



toothpaste tablets







But most importantly, this alternative toothpaste gives me a nice feeling on my heart that I am taking care of the environment, well, at least not polluting it with plastic tubes from toothpaste, plastic container from dental floss and plastic toothbrush.  

Eco Friendly Alternative To Toothpaste - Smyle - Benefits:

dental floss alternative plastic-free

1 - First of all, it's environmentally friendly!!!  it contains no plastic in the packaging!! It means less plastic will be burnt or thrown into the ocean. 


2 - Cool wooden toothbrush and dental floss without plastic. 


3 - These toothpastes clean my teeth perfectly. 


4 - Other than all that, these tooth tablets are ideal for frequent travelers like me. The metal box with toothpaste tablets takes up very little space, I can put as many tablets as I need, which is important if I'm leaving on a short trip for a few days. And of course, the format of this toothpaste is guaranteed to go in my carry-on luggage on an airplane. 

a happy face of a person who has just cleaned her teeth with an ecological toothpaste









All in all, thanks to this discovery, I'm taking another step toward a sustainable lifestyle.


It may be a small step, but if each of us would take such small steps and reduce the use of plastic in our everyday lives, together we would make a huge leap. 

So, to conclude this Smyle toothpaste review, here is the happy face of a person who has just brushed her teeth with eco-friendly toothpaste without plastic.


If you, like me, are worried about the enormous amount of plastic that has flooded our lives, you have a way to get rid of the toothpaste tubes: try Smyle. 


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Thanks to the Smyle team for creating a great plastic-free teeth cleaner!