Tours in Transnistria - Pridnestrovie: excursions in Tiraspol and the region

Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, generally known as Pridnestrovie or Transnistria, is one of the most fascinating places you will ever visit. It's an unrecognized republic that was created in 1990 with a unique culture, architecture, monuments, food and attractions. 


Experience the most of Pridnestrovie (Transnistria) with a local guide on a carefully selected itinerary. Immerse in the local culture and learn how it is to live in a country that "does not exist". 


Here are the best tours and excursions in Pridnestrovie - Transnistria. 


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    TzwSVsOw (Tuesday, 27 December 2022 11:04)


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    Frank J. Johannesson (Monday, 20 February 2023 01:42)

    Hi Sasha! I was there last year. I must have had a bad experience. In Tiraspol, I asked a group of young people who, it seemed to me, could speak English, how to get to the migration center of Transnistria. As a result, they broke my nose. When I finally got to this center, they called the police. Then I had to explain how I ended up there and why my nose was broken. As they explained to me, I was beaten for the word "Transnistria", which I carelessly used and which is a terrible insult. As a result, after several hours of interrogation about why I was engaged in provocations, I was forced to take a bus and urgently leave the region. I still don't understand what I did wrong, sorry.