Unique & Unusual Things To Do In Split

unusual things to do in Split, Croatia

If you're looking for a destination that combines natural beauty, cultural heritage, and a vibrant atmosphere, then Split in Croatia should be at the top of your list. This charming city boasts a stunning coastline, with crystal-clear waters perfect for swimming and snorkeling.


Situated in the Adriatic coasts of Croatia, Split is one of the best cities in Europe for holidays and is one of the only 4 cities in Croatia that has a population of over 100,000. That being said, Split is also the second biggest city in the country.  Its bustling port city atmosphere combined with the historic sights and the wild spirit of the city makes Split one of Croatia’s brightest jewels on the Dalmatian coast.


The city is filled with cafes, galleries, theatres which make it a cozy cultural center and an attractive tourist destination if you’re headed along the Adriatic coast. 


Bonus points if you’re passionate about history since the city has impressive historic sights such as the 1,600-year-old Diocletian’s palace. However, Split is quite big. It has many things to offer, and as a tourist managing your time while on a trip can get overwhelming. That’s why I have compiled this list of some of the best alternative and unusual things to do in Split, Croatia. 


Keep reading and discover Split off the beaten path. 

Unusual things to do in Split, Croatia

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unusual things to do in Split, Croatia

Discover the Game of Thrones filming locations in Split

My list of unique things to do in Split starts with discovering the Game of Thrones filming locations. Game of Thrones is one of the most famous tv series of all time. Adapted to the “Fire and Ice” book by George R. Martin it brings the watcher into a world of magic, power, and beautiful fantasy scenery of kingdoms, forests, and mountains.



Game of Thrones has had many filming locations throughout the seasons but you’d be surprised to know that the city of Mereen in the series is actually Split! 


Game of Thrones filming locations in Split



If you’ve seen Game of thrones when you walk through the fortress of Klis and the Diocletian's Palace you will see the steps of Daenerys “Stormborn” Targaryen right under your own feet.


There are many Split tours of the filming locations that will make you feel like the main character in the Game of Thrones. Definitely check it out if you’re a fan of the series. You won’t be disappointed. More information about the 

Game of Thrones Tour. 




Visit Froggyland in Split

Visit to a Froggyland is one of the unusual things to do in Split. The name is pretty self-explanatory but just for the record, Froggyland is an actual museum dedicated to frogs. Its collection contains 21 exhibitions that show thematically arranged frogs and depict various everyday life situations.


This taxidermic masterpiece of a museum showcases frogs in many scenarios. Walking to school, playing tennis, taking photos, playing instruments, generally situations in which you wouldn’t see frogs. The attention to detail in the exhibitions is so impressive that at some point you might think that the frogs are alive. 


Froggyland museum in Split


The history of the museum began in the early 20th century when taxidermist Ference Mere decided to put in 10 years of his life to stuffing frogs and arranging them in various positions. After that, the frogs changed numerous owners before arriving in Croatia and receiving their own spot under the spotlight. 


Today this contemporary frog shrine is visited by hundreds of tourists every day. If you’re a fan of taxidermy or frogs for that matter, you should definitely check out this extraordinary showcase.  


Address: Ul. kralja Tomislava 5, 21000, Split, Croatia



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Go on a day trip to the Blue Cave

Blue Cave in Croatia

There are many options to explore the Adriatic waters around Split but this one is probably the most intriguing.


Explore the pearls of virgin nature and give yourself a day that will stimulate all your senses. On the one-day trip in the sea, you can see 5 islands which include Bisevo, Vis, Budikovac, Hvar, and Paklinski Islands.


If you ever visit Split, the Blue Cave trip is essential to your stay in the city. Seeing the breathtaking nature around the port will definitely leave a good memory and contribute to an unforgettable experience.


The 90 euro ticket includes visiting the 5 islands, the Blue Cave, AND a free lunch. I say it’s absolutely worth paying a visit. To find out more about the tour to the Blue Cave, simply click here.





Stay in a Unique Boutique Hotel in Split

Finding a place to stay during your trip is a crucial part of your overall experience.


You know how every city has its iconic hotels. For Paris it’s the Ritz, for Rome it’s the Hassler and for Split, it is the Cornaro Hotel.  The hotel offers the unique opportunity to experience Split. 



unique boutique hotel in Split

Their motto is that a unique stay starts with choosing a unique place. The hotel is one of the best boutique hotels in Split, and your whole stay there promises amazing memories, but the gem of the place is the rooftop bar.


Looking over the whole city, you can sip on a high-quality cocktail while enjoying the atmosphere of the city.


The terrace is filled with mini lemons and Mediterranean plants that will give you the impression of a real Dalmatian setting in the heart of Split. For more information and to take a look at some stunning photos of this hotel, simply click on the link provided.


Explore Local Art at Split Nomad Gallery + Buy a Unique Souvenir

Split Nomad Gallery is the first pop-up art gallery in Split. Through one-day exhibition events every Thursday the gallery promotes local artists. They do a great job at showcasing the emerging local artists.


When getting to know a city, art is one of the first things to look at. Artists reflect the spirit of the city, and in the Nomad Gallery, you can see the most authentic art of the city.


You can see all types of styles arranged in colorful exhibitions that will catch anyone’s eye.


If you really want to see Split off the beaten path, the Nomad Gallery is essential to your to-see list. 


The Nomad Gallery, one of the hidden gems in Split, is also an art market. If you're a lover of art and searching for a one-of-a-kind souvenir from Croatia, the Nomad Gallery offers a range of artworks crafted by talented local artists that you can bring home from your trip to Split. 


Address: Tončićeva ul. 3, 21000, Split, Croatia 



Experience Glowing Stand-Up Paddle

Experience a unique and exciting way to discover Split's waterfront by embarking on a glowing stand-up paddleboarding adventure!


Since Split is a port city, its waterfront is one of the most exciting things about it. There are many ways to delve into the wonders of Split’s coasts but one of the best ways to do it is to get in the deep waters yourself.


With the Glowing Stand-Up Paddle experience that Split you get to get into the dark waters of night Split with beautiful LED lights coloring the water under your feet in vibrant colors that will make you feel as you’re in a movie.


The Paddle Experience can be done for 8 people at a time which means that you can take 7 friends to paddle with you.


Just think of the group picture with the shining lights behind you. It is an amazing experience that you should try when you visit Split.  More information about Stand Up Paddleboard Night Glow Tour. 





Visit a UNESCO-Protected SPAR Supermarket

When going on a trip somewhere it’s important to make a budget and stick to it. That might mean shopping from local markets so you can save money on restaurants.


Well, in Split you have the opportunity to shop under the protection of UNESCO :)   Ok, it's not a supermarket that is protected by UNESCO, but a historical place where it's located. 


When the supermarket chain Billa (since acquired by SPAR grocery) opened its new location within the Diocletian palace, citizens of Split were shocked – and rightfully so. 


The grocery is located within the 2,500-square-foot ground floor of the historic Mala Papalićeva Palača complex, the former home of a noble family and part of the Diocletian Palace.


Since the building of the supermarket, it has been under UNESCO protection since it’s a historic landmark. Split is the only city in which you can buy groceries in a palace, so why not try it out?



Šubićeva 5, 21000, Split, Croatia

Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/b3ApqyDdQUhqT4459 

a unique place in Split - a supermarket in a palace

Enjoy Views of Dalmatia Inland and the Adriatic Sea from a Zip Line

If you’re an adrenaline lover, this next attraction is for you.


Split has undoubtedly breathtaking scenery. Even when you’re not at the coastline you can get amazing views of the nature around the city.


With the Zipline experience that the Adriatic jewel offers, you have the chance to go over some of the most incredible forests in Split. Starting your experience from the Center of Split, you will go to Mt. Kozjak.


From there you will go through an introductory course on how to use the ziplines and after that, you will be free to enjoy the amazing panoramic views. You can book this crazy experience here. 




Party and Try Ice Shots at Shotgun Shooters Bar

With this one, we’re delving right into the nightlife scene of the city. If you are looking for a wild night, this is the place for you. The Shotgun Shooters bar is the only bar in Split that is recommended by TravelMag.


It is located in Get, in the most bohemian part of the Diocletian Palace. This bar should be on your list if you look for alternative things to do in Split. A place like this can not be described, you have to see it for yourself. 


Be ready for exotic shots, music, and locals. Visit it and you will party like a Split citizen in no time. On the Shotgun bar’s website, they attract customers with the promise of their minds being blown (among other things). It’s a paradise for every party animal out there.


By the way, it's the only place in Split where you can try ice shots like in an ice bar! 



Ul. Majstora Jurja 5, Split, Croatia



unusual bar in Split

Explore the Beautiful Nature of the Marjan Peninsula

Marjan, the beautiful hill in the peninsula of Split, is a sight to behold.


It is covered in a dense Mediterranean pine forest and completely surrounded by the city and the sea, making it a unique sight.


If you prefer someplace quiet, far away from the hectic atmosphere of the city, then the Marjan is perfect for you.


You can go walking, jogging, hiking or just go and enjoy the tranquility of nature. 


There is also the stunning Kasjuni Beach, where you can relax and swim in the turquoise waters. It used to be one of the hidden gems in Split. This place is a long sandy strip along the sea, with beautiful views of the mountains and Marjan Hill.


It is an isolated beach in the middle of greenery, but with the development of tourism in Croatia it is becoming more and more popular, so be sure to come here early in the morning to fully enjoy this gorgeous spot.


If you find yourself with some extra time in beautiful city, you might want to think about visiting the islands near Split such as Hvar, Brac and Bisevo. The beaches there are truly fantastic and provide the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind.


amazing nature of Marjan Hill in Split

Final Words

This was my list of the best alternative things to do in Split.


Split is a beautiful city on the Adriatic coast of Croatia, and even though it’s not the most popular tourist destination, it will not disappoint you. Just give it a chance.


It will charm you with its combination of bustling atmosphere, nature, and art that you can see at every corner. And if you happen to visit, check out our list of unusual things to do in Split, Croatia.


Whether you're looking for adventure, history, or relaxation, Split has something for everyone. So pack your bags and get ready to discover this hidden gem on the Adriatic coast! 


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