Money belt alternatives

A hidden travel wallet is an essential travel gear of every traveler that takes care of safety and security. If you travel to countries with high crime rates, a cash belt is a must to secure your belongings. 


Money belts are also perfect if you do not want to carry your wallet around you or need a place to put some precious things on your belt. They are easy to carry and hide on your clothing. If you go jogging every day and do not want to have your wallet with you because it’s uncomfortable, there are money belt alternatives to help you out daily. 


In this article, I will talk about seven different money belt alternatives that you can buy and use while traveling or in some other situations where you need to take caution. 




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1. Travel Money Belt with a Hidden Money Pocket

This money belt alternative is perfect for those who like to keep some cash apart from their wallet just in case if something were to happen.  It does not fit too many bills, but it is good coverage for pickpockets or losing your wallet. It looks just like a regular belt, and that's why it doesn't attract pickpockets' attention. 


Those who have used the belt have approved this money belt feature and said that it hides money fantastically. It is a major advantage of this cash belt. 


It has more than 1000 positive reviews on Amazon. 


This excellent travel money belt is ideal for those who travel frequently and feel the need to hide some of their cash and maybe the copies of their passport just in case if something happens. If you are a digital nomad, this money belt is a must on your digital nomad packing list: it's a multi-purpose item, and it will make you feel safer in your travels. 


According to the reviews, many people enjoy using it: it is perfect for hiding under your clothing or using it as a normal belt.  It is a fantastic money belt alternative to standard touristic money belts.


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2. Men's Cash Leather Belt

If you are looking for a more formal belt that you can also stuff some money, this belt made of genuine leather is perfect for you. According to some reviews on Amazon, the belt is a MUST for travel or daily use purposes. Moreover, customers say that wearing it is a very pleasant experience. 


The quality is parallel with the money you pay: the belt is made from real cowhide leather with an interchangeable buckle. It means it is a durable product that will serve you for years. 


So, if you are thinking about buying a money belt for long-term purposes, it is one of the best options on the market.

This leather money belt is ideal for daily use, especially with suits. You can stuff some money inside but not too much, which is the main purpose of it. 


If you feel like you need a haven for some of your bills and you need somewhere to stash it with excellent camouflage, you should consider this belt.


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3. Undercover Travel Bra Pouch for Women

For women, there are very different money pouch options out there that you can use to hide your money safely. This pouch is one of those money belt alternatives, and according to the reviews on Amazon, it works perfectly fine, just like it is advertised. 


You can hook it up to your bra or maybe your belt and use it safely without having to worry about being left out without your money if something terrible were to happen. You can store there different things: money bills, credit cars, keys, a passport, or a copy of your passport. 


It has more than 1,400 positive reviews on Amazon and is one of the most popular money belt alternatives for women. 


This bra pouch seems very suitable for many safety purposes and can be used while traveling and in other situations. 

If you are looking for a money belt where you can put more stuff, it is one of the best options. It will be invisible under your clothes, especially if you wear an oversize t-shirt or a hoodie.


This money belt alternative is a must for every woman traveling solo. It can also be a great and affordable gift for your outdoorsy friends. 


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4. Travel Neck Pouch: A Perfect Money Belt Alternative

This hidden pouch is bigger than the other alternatives I have provided so far, and you can stick your passport in it, as well. So, it is superb for travelers to carry their passports, tickets, cash, and credit cards alongside them in a safe place other than their wallets. According to the reviews on Amazon, it does the job and is good as it is advertised. 


I use this type of neck wallet for years, and I like it. It is very convenient to use at the airports where I need to show my passport and boarding passes several times. With this neck pouch, all the documents and cash I need to keep separate from my main wallet are within easy and quick reach. And most importantly, all my belongings are safe with this pouch. I usually cover it with a shirt with buttons or with a zip sweatshirt.  


It's a perfect choice for travelers who like larger hidden travel wallets as you can also put your smartphone inside. 


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5. Women's Garter With A Hidden Pocket

If you are looking for a more hidden travel purse, this one is an utter winner for female travelers. You can use it on your leg and cover it with your clothing. 


According to most reviews on Amazon, this money belt alternative is ideal for carrying out cash not only when traveling but also when going out at night, at parties, or at concerts. 


It features a charming design with French lace and nonslip silicone grippers. 


This garter purse is an excellent and stylish alternative to money belts. 


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6. Men's Boxer Briefs With A Secret Hidden Pocket

These boxer briefs with two secret pockets are a must-have item for travelers. According to reviews on Amazon, it fits perfectly and securely stores your money and other items. With their soft modal fabric, invisible, hidden pockets, and comfortable wear, these boxer briefs are one of the best money belt alternatives on the market.


This boxer pocket suit those who want to keep their belongings safe without any problems as a belt has.

Its pockets are quite large and can fit your smartphone, passport, cash, credit cards, and condoms. This solution is ideal for traveling and workout. Moreover, some people like to use these boxers as bathing suits: they feature a waterproof container for money and a zippered pocket for keeping keys. 


With these boxer briefs with hidden pockets, you can be sure that your valuables are safe and secured. 

They make it impossible for pickpockets to steal your money and prevent your belongings from accidentally slipping out. 


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7. Undercover Hidden Pocket That Will Turn Any Belt Into a Money Belt

The last alternative on my list is this hidden pocket that protects your stuff well-hidden. I


t gained over 1,000 positive reviews on Amazon. Looking at some of the reviews, many people liked how it kept their items safe during travels. Moreover, it's comfortable to wear, and you can combine it with any belt you have. It has the ideal size for keeping a passport, cash, and credit cards.


Unlike a neck pouch that can become uncomfortable in hot weather, this hidden pocket is perfect in any weather. You basically don't feel it on you, as it fits snugly under shorts or pants.


It is made of lightweight and durable nylon fabric and features two mesh pockets. Don't worry about sweating, as it has a moisture-wicking back panel. 


If you like to keep your things hidden perfectly and do not want people to figure that out, as it might happen with regular money belts, this hidden pocket is the golden key for you.


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As you can see, we have given you seven different money belt alternatives that you can think of buying to protect your cash, credit cards, and even your passport in some of these travel gadgets.


Safety is always crucial, and you do not want to deal with losing your money or credit cards while you are on a trip or going somewhere urgent.

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