Sweet cat alert! Are you looking for an original place to meet a friend for a cup of coffee? Or a place where you can come with your laptop and work in a nice ambiance? If that’s what you’re looking for, then you should come here - to a cat paradise, the Cat Café in Warsaw (Miau Cafe Warszawa).


Cat Cafe Warsaw, Miau cafe Warszawa, cat on the window
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The concept of Cat Cafes was imported to Europe from Asia. Don’t worry; it has nothing to do with cat eating! :)


Cat Cafe Warsaw, Miau Cafe Warszawa, eating and drinking with cats


Instead, when the first cat cafés in the world were opened in Taiwan and Japan, they were meant to be a place for the urbanites to unwind after the hectic working day, petting and playing with cats.


Such cafes became increasingly popular in these countries where, due to its land size and growing population, many townsfolk live in small apartments or condominiums which do not allow pets. The big city pace of life doesn’t help either – people are either stuck at work or in transport.


Before the rise of cat cafes and as an alternative to fulfill the human need to have a pet, Japanese invented the digital pet, The Tamagotchi in the nineties. Do you remember it?


Cat Cafe Warsaw, a beautiful pet


But the consequences of having a digital pet with short life cycle were controversial: first, children were taking their Tamagotchi to school to be able to feed it during the day but got distracted from schoolwork and in the end the Tamagotchi got banned by the schools; and the second, children got attached to the pet, but the pet died too quickly and thus causing a psychological trauma. 


Ultimately, for a person who is unable to have a cat at home, going to a cat café and caressing a live furry puRRRRRRRRRRRing cat is a more attractive option than playing with a digital pet.


Playing with a cat in a Cat Cafe Warsaw

Why should you spend time with cats?


Cats have always been considered as healing animals in many cultures. Now, modern medicine even recognizes cat therapy as a mean to cure some psychological and physical disorders.


The majority of people who have a cat at home will confirm that cats can be beneficial to our wellbeing.


Cat Cafe Warsaw, Miau Cafe Warszawa, wellbeing with cats
It is difficult to say who is enjoying more: the customers or the cats :)


Stroking a cat relieves stress, winter blues, loneliness and anxiety. Watching a sleeping cat gives us a feeling of tranquility and peace and relaxes us.


Yes, cats cannot solve our accumulated personal and emotional issues, but at least they can help to forget about it and to take a distance from our problems. Cats are the best anti-depressants.


Cat Cafe Warsaw, sweet cat
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And of course, cats’ purring calms our shattered nerves down after a hard working day and improves our mood. 


Actually, just watching cat videos can raise your happiness level, and if you have a chance to have a cat or to come to a cat café, the happiness effect will double.


Cat Cafe Warsaw. Miau Cafe Waszawa, two cats

On the way to Miau Café in Warsaw


The cat café in Warsaw was opened just recently, in January this year. When I got to know about it, I headed there immediately :)


cat cafe, cat sleeping


I am a cat lover and I used to have cats at home since my childhood till around 16 years old.  Now that I travel a lot, it would be irresponsible to get a cat and not give my pet sufficient care. So, going to a cat café is a perfect solution for spending some happy time with cats.


Cat cafe warsaw, cat in the armchair


The Miau Café came to life thanks to the crowdfunding campaign on the Polish platform, where the 1 700 residents of Warsaw pulled in the financial resources to make the idea of the first cat café in Warsaw come true.


Behind this idea was a leader, Ania Pawlicka, who inspired people and moved things forward.


Cat cafe Warsaw, Miau cafe Warszawa, sleeping cats

There are seven cats in the café: Puma, Milusia, Alicja, Rudy, Louise, Thelma and Ksenia. All the cats in the café were initially stray and abandoned.  Before moving to the café, the cats had vaccination and currently they are under a constant veterinary care.


Now their home is the café, and they live and “work” there.

Cat Cafe Warsaw, Miau Cafe Warsaw, Warszawa, cat in the house. Now their home is the café, and they live and “work” there.

The working day of the cat in the café

As you can imagine, “the working day” of the cats in the café is not very stressful.

Cat Cafe Warsaw, Cat Cafe Warszawa, Miau Cafe, sleeping cat
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The volunteer of the Miau Café shared with me what the typical day of cats is:


Cat cafe warsaw , cats on the window


Early in the morning the cats are very active and they jump around the café; at 9 a.m. they get their breakfast with wet pet food; at 10 a.m. the first visitors of the café come and the cats get very curious about each guest. They will inspect your bags and belongings and can even try to hide in your bag.


Cat Cafe Warsaw, Miau Cafe Warszawa, cat inspecting the bag


Around 11 a.m. cats get sleepy; they come on your knees and have a siesta.


Siesta cat cafe Warsaw


Throughout the day they wake up to get a snack of dry pet food; at around 4 p.m. they become active again and ready to play with you.

After the café closes at 9 p.m. and the cats get a dinner of wet food, the real party starts. The cats hunt, play and jump around, but you can see it only on the video surveillance.


Cat Cafe Warsaw, Miau Cafe Warsaw, playing cat


I normally come here for the whole day to work and enjoy the cats' company when they are in both sleepy and in joyful, playful mood.


Cat Cafe Warsaw, Miau Cafe Warsaw, cat with the laptop


Sometimes these little helpers try to manage my mailbox :)

Cat Cafe Warsaw: car replying emails

Practical info: rules in the Cat Café


There is no entry fee to the café; you just have to take a drink or food to be able to spend time with cats. I must acknowledge the coffee and cakes are really delicious here. 


Cat coffee at the Cat Cate Warsaw


So, how to behave in Miau Café?

Here are some rules:
- Stroke a cat when it comes to you itself;
- Don’t disturb a cat when it is asleep;
- Feel free to play with cats;

Playing with cats at Cat Cafe Warsaw, Warszawa


- You can take pictures of cats, but please don’t use flash;
- Don’t stroke a cat when it doesn’t want to be stroked;
- Don’t speak too loud because cats get tired of noise;
- Don’t carry cats; they will come to you themselves;
- Don’t feed cats, they have special pet food prepared for them.


Cat Cafe Warsaw, cat laying on the sun
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What else? This café promotes the adoption of animals. So if you are looking for a pet, you can find the announcements in the Miau café, or you can place your own announcement.

Address: Zawiszy street, 14


Cat Cafe Warsaw, Miau Cafe Warszawa


Come here, these cats will make you laugh and will put a smile on your face :-)


Thanks for reading!


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