Warsaw coworking and coffee offices for digital nomads: great cafes to work from in Warsaw Poland (Warszawa)

Are you looking for a perfect place for "laptoping" in Warsaw? Check out this list of the best cafes to work from in Warsaw with free WiFi,  delicious coffee (and sometimes food), and a good ambiance. This list also contains free coworking spaces that provide an excellent environment for working diligently. If you are a digital nomad, traveler, entrepreneur, or freelancer, and in need of a remote desk, this list will help you to find your favorite work-friendly spot in Warsaw. 


It's my subjective listing of the places in Warsaw where I enjoy working from (the experience collected during last 2,5 years). Travelers, digital nomads in Warsaw and new friends often ask me to advise some nice cafes to work from in Warsaw. So, I’ve decided to write down my favorite cafes and to share it on the blog.


It’s a live list, and I am going to update it with more addresses.


1 | Google Campus

Google Campus Warsaw

Google Campus is probably my favorite place to get the work done. Amazingly fast internet, cool ambiance, lots of extraordinary people, and a selection of healthy food at the cafe.


To work at the Google Campus office area, you have to become a Campus resident. But you are free to show up and work from their café.


As soon as you cross the threshold of the Campus, you can quickly catch a creative vibe there: as you can imagine, Google Campus is packed with innovators, change-makers, future-design-thinkers and the like. When I work from there, surprisingly, I am more productive than in a regular café.


A bonus for coming to Google Campus: there is a shelf with business and marketing books IN ENGLISH available for you to read for free.


Another bonus: in addition to meeting awesome people, you can also attend numerous events about business, marketing, internet and everything tech. 


WiFi: the internet is really fast (who would doubt that :)

Power sockets: everywhere))))))

Air conditioning: YES !!! (it’s so important in summer)

Drinks: tea, coffee, soft drinks, fresh juices, smoothies 

Food: cakes, sandwiches, quiches, salads

Where: Ząbkowska street, 33 C


2 | Daft Café @ Warsaw Spire

Warsaw Spire Daft Cafe, - good cafe to work from
Warsaw Spire Daft Cafe

It's a brand new café inside of a brand new tower on Warsaw skyline, the Warsaw Spire. I love this spacious place with enormous glass walls and a very very high ceiling. The design is ultra-modern and minimalist.


In the morning and during the lunch time, mostly the employees of the corporations from the Warsaw Spire hang out at the café, but in the remaining hours it’s rather calm there, and it contributes to getting the work done. In addition, there are anti-noise chairs where you can talk on the phone.


It’s the place where you can stay the whole day and be productive.   


WiFi: good

Power sockets: on the floor, under every table

Air conditioning: yes

Drinks: Coffee, fresh juices, and delicious smoothies

Food: cakes, muffins, sandwiches

Where: Warsaw Spire, Plac Europejski street, 1.

Open : daily, 8:00-21:00

3 | Summer Hub

Conference room in the Summer Hub, coworking space Warsaw
The conference room in the Summer Hub (Click to enlarge)


I’ve discovered this coworking space just recently, and it quickly became the place I like to come again (though, for summer time only). Created specifically for the holiday period, Summer Hub replicates the functionality of other Idea Hubs (more about it below).


The outdoor are of the coworking space Summer Hub
The outdoor are of the coworking space Summer Hub (Click to enlarge)


Thanks to its location on the Vistula beach and a sunny terrace with lounges, you can feel that you are almost on holidays. Thirsty guests are served here with free lemonade and iced coffee. Although the Summer Hub was created by the Idea Bank, they don’t provide banking services in this location, and this space is just supposed to promote the brand of the Idea Bank.


Please note, I am not connected in any way to the Idea Bank - I just like their coworking spaces :) 


Did I say that it’s free to come here? Yes, it is (you should be the client or be accompanied by the client. You would need Idea Bank login to access the WiFi ). 


So come along, settle on a beach chair, put your sunglasses on, get a cold drink and start your working day. Can you think of anything better?

Now, while writing this blog post, I am right here :)


WiFi: good

Power sockets: there are many sockets in the inside air conditioned area, but not in the outside area

Air conditioning: yes

Drinks: lemonade and ice coffee

Food: no, but you can find something to eat around (for example, in Plazowa).

Where: Temat Rzeka, Wybrzeże Szczecińskie street, the beach near the Poniatowski bridge

Open: Monday-Friday 11:00-20:00; Saturday and Sunday 12:00-18:00


The indoor air-conditioned coworking area @ Summer Hub
The indoor air-conditioned coworking area @ Summer Hub
after-work at the Summer Hub (Idea Bank), Warsaw
and the options for the "after-work" are just downstairs (Click to enlarge)
The beach near the Poniatowski Bridge where the Summer Hub is situated
The beach near the Poniatowski Bridge where the Summer Hub is situated

4| Idea Hub

Warsaw Cowoking Idea Hub, Idea Bank Poland

Another place from the Idea Hub family where I come often to work. It’s a great coworking place, and good news: it’s free. Moreover, you can serve yourself  free coffee and tea. As I mentioned above, to use this coworking space, you have to be a client of the Idea Bank. 


The only drawback is that this free coworking space is becoming popular, and often you may not find a spare desk (there is no possibility to reserve a desk). As people stay here for the whole day, you have a very tiny chance that the desk will free up in an hour like it is in the café.


WiFi: good 

Power sockets: near every table

Air conditioning: yes

Drinks: free tea, coffee and water

Food: no

Where: there are three locations of the Idea Hub in Warsaw.

- Marszałkowska street, 87; open: Monday-Friday, 8:00-20:00.
- Polna street, 11; open: Monday-Friday, 8:00-20:00.
- Zajęcza street, 15; open Monday-Friday, 8:00-20:00; Saturday 9:00-14:00.


Idea Hub Warsaw, this free coworking space is becoming popular

5 | EMESEN @ The Museum of Modern Art

Photo: facebook
Photo: facebook

Located in the building of the Modern Art Museum, EMESEN café attracts all kinds of creatives. They drop by for a cup of coffee or stay longer to get some work done.


EMESEN it’s not only the place to work in the original atmosphere, but also to learn something new: there is a large selection of the books and magazines on art, design, philosophy, and society that you can read or buy.


Coffee at EMESEN is of an exceptional quality, and you can choose coffee beans from all over the world.


WiFi: good

Power sockets: available near the tables

Air conditioning: yes

Drinks: coffee, soft drinks

Food: sandwiches, snacks, cakes

Where: Panska street, 3.

Open: Monday-Friday, 8:00 – 20:00; Saturday-Sunday, 12:00 – 20:00


6 | Miau Café

Cat Cafe Warsaw Miau Cafe

I am a big cat-lover and so I went several times to work from Warsaw Cat Café. I liked it so much that I even wrote a separate post about it: Warsaw Cat Cafe: When Are You Going for a Coffee with Cats?


The cafe is a bit far away from the city center: it takes around 30 minutes by tram from Warsaw Central Station to reach the place, but it’s worth it.


The cats will play with your mouse, they may drink your latte, but generally you will work in a stress-free atmosphere :)


WiFi: good

Power sockets: a few, but visitors normally come there without laptops.

Air conditioning: no. there is ventilation, but in summer it’s quite hot in the café

Drinks: good coffee, tea, soft drinks

Food: cakes

Where: Zawiszy street, 14.

Open:  daily, 10:00 -21:00


7 | Palmier

In Palmier you are surrounded by the palm trees
Palm trees are everywhere @ Palmier (Click to enlarge)
Working with laptop form Palmier
Palm trees @ Palmier put you in a summer mood (Click to enlarge)

I really like the concept and the feel of the Palmier – you are entirely surrounded by the palm trees (and the green is good for your eyes tired from starring at the laptop screen).  It's a little oasis of greenery in the middle of town.


WiFi: good

Power sockets: not many, but you can manage

Air conditioning: no (or they didn’t switch it on when I was there)

Drinks: tea, coffee, smoothies, juices, free water

Food: as Palmier is a bar-brasserie- bar, you can find here a full menu: snacks, soups, salads, main dishes and desserts

Where: Żurawia street, 6/12

Open : daily, 8:00-24:00


Palmier in Warsaw - a place to work with your laptop and have a delicious lunch

8| Green Caffé NERO: PRZESKOK and FEMINA

Cozy ambiance @ Caffe Nero Warsaw

There are around thirty Green Caffe NERO in town, but PRZESKOK and FEMINA are my favorite ones: Femina, because of its cozy ambiance created by the brick walls, arm chairs and bookshelves; and PRZESKOK, - because it’s spacious, with big windows and in a super central location with the view on the Palace of Science and Culture. 


Offering high-quality espressos and all other forms of coffee, healthy food options, quiches, pastries and cakes, Green Caffe NERO, in my humble opinion, is a definitive winner over similar network cafes such as Starbucks, McCafe or Costa. In addition, their playlist also pleases with lots of soul, Latino and Ethnic-style-tunes, though music can be a bit loud if you need to concentrate.


WiFi: good

Power sockets: one under every table, but as there are more people than tables, you may think of bringing a power strip.

Air conditioning: yes, very strong (if you stay there the whole day, consider bringing a jacket).

Drinks: of course, coffee in all possible variations, juices, smoothies

Food: cakes, quiches, pastries

Where: FEMINA, - Solidarności street, 117;  PRZESKOK - Szpitalna street, 5

Open : daily, 7:00 - 23:00


Nice music and healthy food @ Green Caffe Nero Warsaw: great place to work from


Bar at the Noon/Noon, great place for coworking
Bar at the Noon/Noon (Click to enlarge)

NOON/NOON is more than just a café; it’s a showroom with design furniture, a restaurant with a light season menu and a meeting venue. All the tables and chairs are of different shapes, sizes, colors, and you are free to purchase any of these original design masterpieces. There are often different workshops organized at the Noon/Noon (if you are an event organizer, you can host your event here, too).


I worked from the Noon/Noon many times and stayed for their yummy and healthy lunch. It’s a not-crowded and a peaceful place to work (the crowd arrives mostly for lunch time and then the rest of the time it’s quite calm). Sometimes music can be too loud for working, but just ask the personnel to reduce sound; they are very responsive to the needs of their customers.


WiFi: fast

Power sockets: many

Air conditioning: yes

Drinks: tea, coffee, smoothies, juices, soft drinks, wine 

Food: a creative lunch menu, cakes

Where: Panska street, 98


Noon Noon Warsaw cafe to work with good coffee
A very cozy atmosphere at the Noon/Noon
Noon Noon Warsaw - cafe to come with your laptop and work
At one of the events hosted at the Noon/Noon (Click to enlarge)

Na Lato

Na Lato Warsaw

When summer is here and the weather is perfect, it’s a pity to stay inside. On one of those days when I had to get the work done but I was craving for a fresh air and greenery around me, I decided to try to work from the Na Lato’s garden.


I went to this place several times before and was always delighted with their food, mainly Italian. If you plan a business meeting, lunch, or brunch, Na Lato is a great option. Their summer garden is what I was looking for: quiet, peaceful, and with a lovely ambiance.  It’s a nice and trendy place to spend several hours for working and then to chill out. 


WiFi: good

Power sockets: not many, but enough

Air conditioning: yes

Drinks: coffee, soft drinks, fresh juices, smoothies

Food: delicious Italian cuisine

Where: Rozbrat  street, 44


So, here are the places I go most of the time to work from. I tested many more cafes and coworking spaces in Warsaw, and I will add more venues soon (I think of updating the descriptions with the internet speed tests as well).


What is your favorite spot for working in Warsaw?


Feel free to share in the comments section below. 


If you want to connect with fellow digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and freelancers in Warsaw,  join the Facebook group "Warsaw Digital Nomads".  



Thanks for reading.

And, If you like this article, please, share it! :)


Enjoy your workday in Warsaw!


Rock and roll,




Warsaw for Digital Nomads: The Best Cafes to Get Work Done




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